Readers ask: Vob Files How To Play?

You can play most VOB files using VLC Player, which is available for all major operating systems. You can also use MPC-HC in Windows, which functions very similarly. If you have a Plex media server, converting the VOB files to MKV format will make it easier to stream them without losing quality.
Launch VLC Media Player. Browse to the VOB files. If you are trying to play a VOB file from a DVD, it should be located on the root folder of your DVD. That should do it. VLC Player will begin playing your VOB files almost instantly. It will get access to all your media files in the VOB folder and play them as intended.

Can VOB play Windows Media Player?

Windows Media player supports many media formats as you can play WMV, MPEG, MPV, and most notably VOB file formats. You can stream your music directly from your system using the Windows media player software.

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How do I play a VOB file on VLC?

Part 3: Convert VOB to Other VLC Compatible Format

  1. Download Leawo Video Converter and install it on your computer.
  2. Load the VOB file. You can click on the “Add Video” icon to import the file or just drag the VOB video directly to the main menu.
  3. Select the output format.
  4. Set the MP4 Video parameters.
  5. Start converting.

How do I convert a VOB file to MP4?

vob file to mp4.

  1. Open VLC media player and click on Media > Convert/Save, you can also type Ctrl + R.
  2. Next, click on +Add and select your file.
  3. Now, select Convert / Save.
  4. Then, click on the dropdown menu to the right of Profile and select one of the MP4 options.

How do I convert VOB to MP4 for free?

Step 1: Open Online UniConverter ( from your browser, click the Drag & Drop or Hit to Add Files button to select MP4 files you want to convert. Step 2: Choose VOB under the Video tab under Convert all files to. Step 3: Click on the CONVERT button to convert MP4 to VOB online and for free.

How do I add a VOB codec to Windows Media Player?


  1. Introduction.
  2. 1Double-click a video or audio file.
  3. 2Click the Web Help button.
  4. 3Click the WMPlugins link.
  5. 4Click the link to the codec download site.
  6. 5Click I Accept.
  7. 6Click the link to download the codec.
  8. 7When the download is done, click the Run button.

What are VOB files?

A VOB file (Video Object) is a container format contained in DVD-Video media. VOB is based on MPEG-2 program stream format, but with additional limitations and specifications in the private streams. It contains the actual Video, Audio, Subtitle, and Menu contents in stream form.

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Can Windows Media Player play Video_TS?

The VLC media player supports the Video_TS format so that its users can play TS files without DVD. ⇒ Check VLC Media Player here.

How do I convert a VOB file to WMV?

How to Convert VOB to WMV for Free in Windows (10)? – 3 Steps Guide

  1. Load the VOB source file. Open the best VOB to WMV converter freeware and click “+ Folder” icon on the top.
  2. Choose “to WMV” as output. Then move to the output column, you can see the to WMV option.
  3. Start converting VOB to WMV.

What app will play VOB files?

MX Player. MX Player is another free VOB player for Android. And you can also play other formats, such as 3GP, WMV, MKV, AVI, and more.

Does VLC support VOB files?

VLC supports multiple audio and video file types, including DVD-Video, Video CD, and streaming protocols. Your VLC player will act as a standard DVD VOB player and play the video as if you have just inserted a DVD, providing complete access to the DVD menu, chapters, and other features.

Can’t copy VOB file from DVD?

DVD is damaged. If the DVD is burned by yourself or your friends, it should be unprotected so you can copy the VOB files from DVD to computer directly. But if you are unable to do that, your DVD might be damaged. Check if your DVD is in good shape or if there’re some scratches.

What is the fastest way to convert VOB to MP4?

Follow these steps to convert VOB to MP4 quickly and easily:

  1. Download and install WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe (available on Windows and Mac).
  2. Run the downloaded VideoProc.
  3. Click the Video button.
  4. Click + Videos.
  5. Under the Target Format section, click Video and choose MP4.
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Which is better VOB or MP4?

since the quality of encoding has improved a lot in recent times and is comparable to vobs. Secondly the file size is drastically smaller than VOBs which means that a lot more files in terms of hard drive space. mp4 does not mean it is more compressed then mpeg2 (or any format for that matter).

What is the best format to convert VOB files to?

MP4 format would be the most suited video format for converting your unsupported VOB video files as it is a popular multimedia file extension, and a container format for the storage of video, audio, and subtitle data. The MP4 format is supported by many portable devices, including Apple products.

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