Readers ask: Tsum Tsum Game How To Play?

The rules of this puzzle game are very simple: ‐ Collect all the cute Disney Tsum Tsum and set your favorite as your MyTsum. You will first receive a Mickey Mouse Tsum Tsum for free! – Connect 3 or more of the same Tsum Tsum to pop them.

  • You start by making a Tsum playing choice (each character has different skills), always try to eliminate your that playing Tsum first so that you can reap the benefits of that particular Tsum skill. In other words, when that Tsum goes golden in the lower left of your screen, pop it for full effect! Everyone approaches the game differently.

How do you get new Tsum Tsum in game?

If you connect 7 or more of the same character a “Magic Bubble” or a bigger version of the Tsum will appear. You can click the Magic Bubble and it will clear all the Tsums around it. There are several types of bubbles and they have extra abilities depending on their type.

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How do I install Tsum Tsum?

We will show you how to install and play Disney Tsum Tsum Land on your Android or iOS device.

  1. Download Disney Tsum Tsum Land for Android.
  2. Download Disney Tsum Tsum Land.APK:
  3. Download Disney Tsum Tsum Land for iOS.
  4. Open Disney Tsum Tsum Land link:
  5. Open the Disney Tsum Tsum Land link again and press “Get”:

Should I level up my Tsum Tsum?

Each Tsum has a level and a skill. Increasing level will mean this tsum generates more score. Increasing skill will improve the impact when the tsum’s special ability is triggered.

Which Tsum Tsum has the highest score?

Here is the list, in order from highest maximum point/score amount to lowest (above 1000 points).

  • Mater – 1099.
  • Snow White – 1090.
  • Steamboat Willie – 1083.
  • Bride Rapunzel – 1062.
  • Nick Wilde – 1044.
  • Evil Queen – 1041.
  • Princess Leia – 1037.
  • Genie – 1002.

What Tsum Tsum is best for time bubbles?

Best Tsum Tsum: Time Bubbles form with Chains of 9-12 in length. These Tsum Tsum also have skills that may help you get a time bubble. Miss Bunny, Moana, Surprise Elsa, Maleficent, Thumper, Eeyore.

How do I raise my Tsums skill level?

Tsum Skill Level can be increased by getting a Tsum you already have from the Happiness Box or Premium Box, or by using a Skill Ticket. Skill Tickets can occasionally be obtained from Events.

Which Tsum Tsum is best for coins?

coin tsum tsum It is pretty widely accepted that Jedi Luke and Gaston are the best for coins, and Beast is near the top of the list below those two.

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How do I get a specific TSUM?

Special Boxes are a variant of Premium Boxes that contain one Premium Tsum Tsums. They cannot be purchased in the store; the only way to acquire Special Box Tsums are through completing specific methods. Rewarded Special Boxes will appear in the Mail Box. Some Tsums in Special Boxes are Limited Event Tsums.

How do I download Japanese Tsum Tsum?

For Android:

  1. Go to phone settings, Security.
  2. Scroll down to “Device Administrators”
  3. Turn on “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources” under “Unknown sources”.
  4. Download this apk from your phone.
  5. When it’s done downloading, install it by clicking on it.
  6. Enjoy.

What is the highest level a Tsum Tsum can be?

Wiki Targeted (Games) The Score Chart shows the starting score at Level 1 and the maximum score at Level 50. It also lists the Score Increase per level for each Tsum.

What does the score for each Tsum mean?

Each Tsum has a Tsum Level and a Skill Level. The Tsum Level increases whenever that Tsum is cleared in a game (whether it’s the MyTsum or one of the other Tsums). The higher the Tsum Level of all of the Tsums in each game, the higher the score.

How do you get a score bubble in TSUM TSUM?

Score bubbles will have a small three bursts connected to each other, inside the bubble. These will give you an additional Bubble Score x2. When connecting a chain of 21 or more Tsums, you will be guaranteed to get a Score Bubble.

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