Readers ask: How To Play Illidan Heroes Of The Storm?

What kind of Hero do you need to play Illidan?

  • 4. Illidan strives when played with any Hero that can increase his survivability, be it through Shielding effects, Armor, or raw instant healing. He is typically known to requires allied Heroes known as “enablers” to be at his best.

How do you beat Illidan in HOTS?

Illidan’s Tips and Tricks Illidan can use walls to retreat with Dive, to heal himself, or to reset his Cooldowns. It is recommended to not break them, since those can help you a lot. Evasion should be used in Mercenary Camps. Sweeping Strike does not require a target, unlike Dive, making it useful as an escape tool.

Is Medivh good hots?

This hero is hands down the best hero in HOTS. I love him. Now my friends love when I get queue him and I made a lot of new friends along the way. So, shoutout to all my fellow Medivh’ers out there portaling and protecting their way to endless victory.

What happened Archmage khadgar?

By the end of the events of The Last Guardian, Khadgar had gone from a young adult to a frail old man with a great white beard. After the death of his master, he buried the remains of Medivh, Moroes, and the Cook behind the tower.

Why was Illidan a bad guy?

Though Illidan fought to defend his people, he soon slipped into darkness; after absorbing the energies of the demonic Skull of Gul’dan, Illidan became a demon, an act for which he was banished by Malfurion. Illidan is a raid boss and the primary antagonist to the World of Warcraft expansion The Burning Crusade.

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Who killed Gul Dan?

He was still deep within the Guardian’s thoughts when Lothar and Khadgar killed him, ending Medivh’s treachery and forcing Gul’dan into a coma. Garona, still under mind control of the Shadow Council, then assassinated King Llane in the name of Gul’dan, cutting his heart out.

Why did Sargeras turn evil?

The fight with the Pantheon had exposed a flaw in his seemingly unstoppable army. For all of Sargeras’s vast power and intellect, he could not direct his entire army at once. Demons were vicious and bloodthirsty, but most lacked strategic thinking. They would become transformed into demonic beings of depthless evil.

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