Readers ask: How To Play Don’t Wake Daddy?

What’s the game of Don’t Wake Daddy?

  • Don’t wake daddy is kids game. In the game, players try to move around the game board by drawing cards. The object of the game to reach the refrigerator bypassing all the obstacles without waking daddy wins the game. Place the daddy bed in the center of the play area and make sure to put his nightcap on his head.

How to Play Don’t Wake the Daddy (Gameplay) The youngest player will start the game and then the proceeds in the clockwise direction (left). On your turn, you have to spin the spinner. If you get a color, then move your piece to that color first unoccupied space.

What happens when you land on the star in Don’t wake daddy?

If it lands on the purple star, that player gets to move their piece to the space that is in front of the player in the lead. If Daddy wakes up, players must collect the card that matches the game tile on the board from the player who owns the card, and must also go back to their starting bed.

What does the purple star mean on don’t wake daddy?

The purple star: Move your character from wherever it is on the track to the space right in front of the leader! If you’re already the leader, spin again. Note: If there are no other players on the track, move to the very first space on the track.

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How many cards does each player get in dont wake daddy?

Shuffle and distribute the 16 cards so that each player has equal numbers of cards to each of the spaces on the board. If there are three players playing this game, you will have unequal cards. Take one card and place it to the side up and out of the way.

Does Don’t Wake Daddy need batteries?

2 AA batteries required.

Is there a game called don’t wake daddy?

Don’t Wake Daddy (known as SSHH! Don’t Wake Dad! in the UK) is a children’s board game originally released by Parker Brothers (later Milton Bradley, currently Hasbro) in North America, and Tomy in Europe (currently released by Drumond Park in the United Kingdom). It is intended for two to four players.

What are the cards for in dont wake Dad?

When a player is caught they can take the card that matches the picture that made them wake Dad, it will protect them later. Dad is now placed back into the sleeping position.

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