Readers ask: How To Play Demos In Tf2?

Playback Tutorial

  1. In the console, enter demoui. This opens a Demo Playback window.
  2. Click Load in the Demo Playback window. This opens a file browser, which defaults to SteamSteamAppscommonteam fortress 2tf.
  3. Find demotest. dem and open it.
  4. Playback will begin.

What happens when you play a demo on TF2?

  • The demo does not save a copy of the map that was played. The demo only records what was necessary to render audio and video for the player. The demo does not record the scoreboard at any time even if the player views it during recording.

Run demor.exe, it will detect your Steam and TF2 install directory automatically. Drag the demo file into demor, or use “Browse” button. Click “Save Replay” button, enter a title for replay, click “OK”. If everything is ok, launch or restart TF2, then click “Replays” button, your replay will be there, you can watch or edit it.

How do I make TF2 demos into videos?

Launch “Team Fortress 2,” go to the “Options” menu, select “Video Settings ” and change the settings according to your preferences. The resolution you select will be the resolution of the final AVI file. The higher the settings and resolution, the longer it will take to render the demo file.

Where are TF2 demos?

To view them you must have tf2 installed. Launch TF2, press Shift+F2 to bring up the demo UI (can also be done by typing ‘demoui’ in console) then you can browse to where your demos are and watch them.

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What is Prec TF2?

P-Rec (Or POV Recorder) is the best way to record demos in TF2 for many reasons: Bookmarks, Constant record, and very specific automatic demo naming. Feel free to leave any questions in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them.

How do I install Lawena recording tool?

Installation and use

  1. Check the Download page for a direct link to Java install and Lawena archive.
  2. Extract to a clean folder.
  3. Run lawena.exe, the updater should run and it will automatically launch the tool.
  4. Your TF2 directory should be auto-detected (you can always change it from the “File” menu in the UI)

How do I join Uncletopia?

Check out the ✅-connect channel or visit to join one of the new servers!

How do I record TF2 with OBS?

A Properties box appears in OBS. Click “Mode” and select “Capture Specific Window” or “Capture Any Fullscreen Application”. To record demos in the TF2 game, choose the former one.

How do I watch Faceit demos TF2?

Open your TF2 and press ‘Shift & F2’ to open up the demo player. Press the ‘Load’ button. Find the demo from the list, select it and press ‘Open’ to load the match and watch the demo.

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