Quick Answer: How To Play Smoke On The Water Acoustic Guitar?

What are the chords to smoke on the water?

  • Smoke On The Water chords Deep Purple Open or Capo I E G A E G B-A E G A G E 6x * G F G We all came out to Montreux F G On the Lake Geneva shoreline F G To make records with a mobile F G We

What is a Smoke on the Water riff?

Smoke on the Water is known for it’s opening guitar riff written by Richie Blackmore. According to Blackmore, the riff is an interpretation of Symphony No. 5 by Beethoven. “I owe him a lot of money,” Blackmore said.

What key is Smoke on the Water?

G minor

Why is smoke on the water called 035?

It is from the ancient text, “Smoke on the Water,” which was written by Deep Purple. It is written in a strange format of writing called “tablature.” The inexplicable power of 035 is believed to lie in its ability to be played in an awkward situation, that can not be resolved in any other way.

What is the most famous guitar riff?

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  • 8) “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” – Rolling Stones (1965)
  • 7) “Whole Lotta Love” – Led Zeppelin (1969)
  • 6) “Back in Black” – AC/DC (1980)
  • 5) “Beat It” – Michael Jackson (1982)
  • 4) “You Really Got Me” – The Kinks (1964)
  • 3) “Smoke on the Water” – Deep Purple (1972)
  • 2) “Mannish Boy” – Muddy Waters (1955)
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Is the Smoke on the Water Solo hard?

The smoke on the water solo is much more difficult than the livin on a prayer one. What are you guys smoking? The smoke on the water solo is much more difficult than the livin on a prayer one.

How do you read guitar chords?

Reading Guitar Chord Charts

  1. the right vertical line represents the 1st string.
  2. the left vertical line represents the 6th string.
  3. the horizontal lines represent the fret bars.
  4. the space between the horizontal lines represent the frets.
  5. the dots tell you where to put your fingers.

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