Quick Answer: How To Play Lightseekers?

  • Randomly decide the play order and sit down in a circle. The first player draws 4 cards from their deck; this is the starting hand. The second player starts with 5 cards. The starting health of each hero is displayed on the hero card. Use the Lightseekers playmat and health counter to keep track of how much health you have.

How do you charge Lightseekers?

To charge the figure you unclip their backpack, attach the Fusioncore and charge with the supplied USB charging cable. The Fusioncore works with all of the Lightseekers smart action figures and also will update the figures remotely as changes become available.

What are Lightseekers?

Lightseekers is a new toys to life game for kids aged around 8-14 from Playfusion and Tomy. It includes: A Lightseekers game app which is available for iOS, Android and Amazon Fire devices. The app can be installed and played for free.

How do you connect Lightseekers?

Open the Lightseekers application on either your mobile device or your Nintendo Switch. When on the main menu screen, select the Options button in the top left corner of the application. Here you should see an option to Link Account.

How many Lightseekers cards are there?

There are over 385 trading cards that can be played as an independent TCG with your friends, which also deliver augmented reality experiences and in-game rewards when scanned by the app. The game was designed for multiple players but can easily support 1-on-1 gameplay or as many players as you like.

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Is Lightseekers free on switch?

MASTER powerful combo cards and multiple orders. IMMERSE yourself in the thrilling lore and intriguing magical set up. CONSTRUCT YOUR OWN MIGHTY DECK of cards. PLAY with digital cards or scan* physical cards into your digital collection to level-up and play them digitally for free!

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