Quick Answer: How To Play Genji Well Overwatch?

How to play Genji like a pro Overwatch?

  • Genji doesn’t get a lot of love from the Overwatch community, but these 10 pro tips could help players improve with this underloved hero. Let’s be honest, the online gaming world is not always the most positive place. A significant portion of the Overwatch fandom has written off the character of Genji entirely.

How do you play Genji effectively?

As a major damage dealer for a team, Genji is essential in teamfights. Jump and dodge behind enemy lines to take out pesky healers while your team takes on the frontline. Double-jumping while attacking (you’ve got to really practice your aim while moving) makes Genji hard to hit, too.

How do you play Genji like a pro?

Overwatch: 10 Tips On How To Play Genji Like A Pro

  1. 10 Focus On Surprise Attacks.
  2. 9 Make Use of The Melee Attack.
  3. 8 Get Familiar With Deflect.
  4. 7 Learn How to Use Dash Effectively.
  5. 6 Do Not Rush Into Battle.
  6. 5 Figure Out What The Team is Lacking.
  7. 4 Avoid 1v1 Situations.
  8. 3 Keep Moving.

Who healed Genji?

Genji’s fairly low damage can be quickly healed back up by Roadhog’s Take a Breather.

How do I get more kills with Genji?

Practice in quick play but the general idea of using Genji is to:

  1. Flank healers/squishies that you can easily kill with a shuriken -> dash -> melee combo.
  2. Stand behind tank shields and poke with shurikens until you see a kill opportunity, then use your dash to get in and secure the kill before dashing back to safety.
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Can Genji dash headshot?

Damage reflected by Genji can headshot as well as the initial arrows for each Hanzo’s abilities (though the scattered projectiles and dragon themselves cannot). Roadhog’s Whole Hog ultimate can headshot. Other abilities and all melee attacks cannot headshot.

Is Genji still good?

Genji. Similar to Doomfist, he is just very counterable right now. He doesn’t provide great damage and has less one-hit kill potential than even Doomfist. This is not a meta that the cyborg ninja is thriving in.

What is the Genji combo?

Dash Shuriken Melee This is the highest damage output that Genji can execute. It goes Dash + Right Click (while still dashing) + Melee. This combo has the potential to one-shot 200 health heroes, assuming you headshot with the shurikens.

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