Quick Answer: How To Play Bongos And Congas?

  • Although both congas and bongos are played with hands, each instrument requires different techniques to produce the sounds. Bongo techniques involve more individual fingers while congas use more of the whole hand. Tones on bongo are produced by striking the drum head with either one or three fingers.

What’s the difference between conga and bongo?

The main difference between congas and bongo drums is obviously their size. Congas are larger, with the drum heads’ size going at 11”, 11.75”, and 12.5”. Also, their shells are much longer and have a unique barrel shape. Bongo drums, on the other side, are quite smaller, with drum heads usually going at 7” and 8.5”.

How are the congas played?

The drums are played with the fingers and palms of the hand. Typical congas stand approximately 75 centimetres (30 in) from the bottom of the shell to the head. The drums may be played while seated. Alternatively, the drums may be mounted on a rack or stand to permit the player to play while standing.

Why is it called a conga line?

The conga line is a novelty line dance that was derived from the Cuban carnival dance of the same name and became popular in the US in the 1930s and 1950s. The dancers form a long, processing line, which would usually turn into a circle.

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Are bongos hard to learn?

In summary, the bongos are one of the most accessible instruments on the planet. It is relatively easy to pick them up and learn basic rhythms that you can even play in a group. Within a month you will surely be able to play at the very least a few rhythms. Learning the basics of the bongos is fairly easy.

What style of music does the bongos play?

Today, bongo drums are being played in Cuban music, Afro-Cuban jazz, Latin music, but also in a many other styles such as soul and funk music, and so it’s good to initiate drum lessons for kids and enrich their musical talents.

Is a conga a drum?

Of Afro-Cuban origin, the conga is more widely known as a tumbadora, timba, or jícamo in Cuba. The conga is a narrow, single-head drum that comes in a variety of heights and diameters. The drums are typically played in sets of one, two, or more drums. Traditionally, they were made from wooden olive barrels.

Can you play bongos with drumsticks?

Although Bongo Drums are designed to be hand percussion they can be played with sticks if special care is taken to avoid striking the bearing edge. Additionally, the bongo drumhead longevity can be extended with lighter drumsticks such as timbale sticks.

Who is a famous bongo player?

Bongo,” who played at nightclubs featuring noted celebrities such as Peggy Lee, Betty Grable, Tony Curtis, Xavier Cugat, Frank Sinatra, Danny Kaye, and Eddie Fisher and is credited with introducing the bongos to American jazz music.

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What are small congas called?

The standard three sizes are called, Quinto (small), Conga (middle) Tumbadora (aka Tumba, large).

What are large bongos called?

What Are Those Big Bongos Called? These tall drums are called congas and are a different type of drum then the bongos or a djembe. A conga drum is fairly cylindrical with hardware attached to the body of the conga drum which tightens the drumhead.

Are LP congas good?

Latin Percussion LP congas come in beautiful sunburst color and are a great addition to any bend or performer because they look great on stage. Even though they are quite expensive, for that money you will get a high-end high-quality product that will last you a long time and will provide you with great playing sound.

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