Quick Answer: Electric Football How To Play?

  • Just like in real football, you try to advance the ball down the field and score by running, passing, and kicking the ball. In Electric Football, you’re the coach and you set your plays. You train your players to run routes, and when the action is happening, you’re the player!

Is electronic football fun?

Fun to Learn Electric Football is safe and fun for all skill levels. It builds interpersonal skills, develops hand-eye coordination, and helps teach the essential skills of the physical world.

Who invented electric football?

Norman Sas, 87, Inventor of Electric Football – The New York Times.

How much is electronic football game worth?

$59.99 & FREE Shipping.

When did electric football start?

Electric Football, Invented In 1948, Still Alive And Buzzing There’s a cult following for the game that most of America threw out when video games came along. It’s more competitive than ever.

When did electronic football come out?

Football, released in 1977, was simple — navigate your running back around defenders (red LED blips) to score. The wildly popular game set the stage for the portable gaming devices that flooded the market in the early 1980s.

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