Question: Thunderstruck How To Play?

  • The basic rules for the Thunderstruck drinking game are the easiest. To start, you simply play the song, and then when you hear the word “Thunder,” you start drinking. When it is repeated, the play moves to the next player, and the game continues. The game can go on for one round or several. It’s all up to you.

Is thunderstruck easy guitar?

Thunderstruck is not easy to play, that’s for sure. However, with regular practice, you can master it without problems. If you’re a beginner, don’t try to play it. One must to be at least intermediate guitar player to be able to even begin learning that legendary Thunderstruck riff.

Is thunderstruck a hard song to play on guitar?

Thunderstruck by AC/DC Guitar Lesson. If you want to challenge your fretting hand, this is the song for you! The notorious opening riff is extremely hard to play and perform as it requires a very consistent fretting hand, doing legato lines up and down the neck.

What key is thunderstruck played in?

1: to strike dumb: astonish was thunderstruck at the news. 2 archaic: to strike by or as if by lightning.

Is Thunderstruck intro picked?

on the record, every note is picked, but live and in the video angus taps it. fact. On the album, he picked the entire intro. He put tape on the other 5 strings to keep them from ringing out.

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Who died recently from AC DC?

Improbably, though, lead guitarist Angus Young has pulled the band back together. Johnson, Williams, and Rudd are all back in the fold, along with Angus’ nephew Stevie, AC/DC’s replacement for Malcolm, who died in 2017. Last year, the group released Power Up, its 17th trip down the Highway to Hell.

Is thunderstruck a hammer ons?

” Thunderstruck” is not played with hammer -ons/pull-offs.

Do you pick thunderstruck?

It was picked in the original recording. Dave Weiner had a great tutorial on how to play Thunderstruck, and he explained how it was basically picked on every other note. It was since taken down.

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