Question: Lol How To Play Graves?

  • Graves is not too difficult to play at first but does require some practice. Every champion in League of Legends has a passive and 4 abilities which are used by pressing “Q”, “W”, “E”, and “R” on a keyboard during game play. “R” is considered an ultimate ability and is usually the most powerful ability.

How does graves work League of Legends?

Graves’ basic attacks consume ammunition that he must reload, but each auto attack he does sprays four pellets in a small cone. If Graves crits, the shot fires six pellets, but over a slightly wider cone.

Are graves squishy?

This ability can prevent the enemy ADC from picking a target to focus on while Graves keeps pelting them with his auto-attacks. He is squishy and getting CC’d will get him killed really fast. However, it’s key that you find a healthy balance between fighting the enemy and farming.

Why can’t graves have a cigar?

After years of his iconic cigar in the game, it was originally removed in 2014 due to a risk of censorship and age restrictions in different regions. While the tobacco portrayal was fine in the United States, it’s not the case for other countries and Riot tries to unify splash art between regions.

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Where does graves damage come from?

The explosion happens instantly if the pellet collides with terrain. This makes Graves’ jungle clear that much stronger, as he has another form of AoE that deals a large chunk of damage. There is terrain around every jungle camp, making it easy for Graves to get the quicker explosion damage.

Can graves ULT through walls?

6. Using Your Ult. Most players know that Graves’s ultimate, Collateral Damage, also knocks Graves back. This means that you can dash over a small wall and ult back over the wall onto the other side.

Is Graves a good Jungler?

Although his Q may do slightly less damage, his overall tankiness, combined with his ability to output damage throughout long team fights, allows Graves to be one of the best junglers in the game at the moment. After the Patch 10.11 nerf, Graves’ win rate decreased to 51.03%.

Is Graves a good duelist?

Graves is a very strong duelist. Don’t fight him unless he’s low on health and low on ammo. He is also very good at kiting as well.

Does Graves start blue or red?

You start blue, go to gromp, top scuttle crab, wolfs, chickens then red. From here you can choose between 4 options, finishing your clear route going to rocks, ganking mid, ganking bot or invade enemy jungle.

Is graves good in season 11?

Graves Build 11.19 ranks as an A-Tier pick for the Jungle role in Season 11. This champion currently has a Win Rate of 51.78% (Good), Pick Rate of 6.55% (High), and a Ban Rate of 1.75% (Medium).

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Is Graves bad in low Elo?

Graves is very strong in low elo. Try playing to gank the enemy jungler rather than the laners themselves. Graves shines in those river and jungle skirmishes. If you feel like you can’t carry even when fed, there are likely mechanical issues along with macro mistakes going on.

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