Question: How To Play Bakery Story?

Which is the best guide for bakery story?

  • Unofficial Bakery Story Guide by Mongoose General for Bakery Story is one of the most popular iPhone/iPad games, being well-supported and released for free by TeamLava. In it, you design your own bakery, managing a variety of aspects of its day-to-day running.

How do you get good at Bakery Story?

Bakery Story 2 Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide: How to Run Your

  1. Expand Your Bakery Early On.
  2. Follow The Quests.
  3. Get Social For Quick Serves.
  4. Set Up Your Counters Before Turning In For The Day.
  5. Have All Your Appliances Working Before Leaving The Game.
  6. Acquire More Parts By Filling To-Go Orders.

Can you play bakery story on PC?

Bakery Story PC – Download and Play the Game for Free. Bakery Story is crafted by the veteran video game simulator developer, Storm8 Studios. It is the perfect casual simulation game to live out your bakery dreams just like the millions of players all over the planet.

Can you change your bakery name in bakery story?

BAKERY NAME You can create your name by going to main (at the bottom left) messages then profile and click change to change the name.

What food makes the most money on bakery story?

What food makes the most money on bakery story?

  • Red Velvet Cake (Oven, 1day): 7.02.
  • Sugar Cookies (Oven, 1day): 5.87.
  • Latte (Drink Mixer, 1day): 5.86.
  • Love Potion (Drink Mixer, 1 day):
  • Earl Grey Tea (Drink Mixer, 1day): 5.87.
  • Hot Apple Cider (Drink Mixer, 16hrs): 5.38.
  • Cinnamon Rolls (Oven, 12hrs): 5.01.
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How many tables do I need in bakery story?

How many tables should I have in bakery story? – You should always ensure there is food out on the counters, ready for ordering. – Once you get to 100, your bakery will need about 25-30 tables and chairs to allow for the burgeoning capacity.

Is LOL game safe?

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Who created Bakery Story?

Bakery Story is a free sim game app created by TeamLava for the iOS and Android platforms.

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