Often asked: World Of Tanks How To Play Arty?

  • To enter the artillery overview mode, hit the “Left-Shift” button. Now you have a top-down view of the battlefield. 2). In the top-down view, you can use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out. 3). The green line represents what you can potentially hit. The red lines show obstructed areas. The gray line means it is out of range. 4).

What is arty in World of Tanks?

Artillery are the most unique class of armored vehicles in the game, sharing very few characteristics with the other four classes. Unlike most tanks and tank destroyers, as a rule artillery fire high-explosive (HE) shells as their only form of ammunition.

Does World of Tanks have artillery?

Artillery now have three available shell types, all with their own purpose in battle, trajectory and velocity, granting a greater variety of tactical opportunities to arty players. Two of these shell types will not stun vehicles, which will greatly reduce the overall stun time seen in battle.

Where do you aim in World of Tanks?

Try to aim where the turret meets the top of the tank, as this is often a weak point, even on high-tier tanks. While each tank has specifics weak points, it will not adversely affect your performance in World of Tanks if you do not aim at the weak points on low-tier tanks.

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What is the best artillery in World of Tanks?

The Lorraine 155 mle. 51 is the French Artillery tank, with an extremely precise, fast firing, low damage cannon, and one of the highest movement speeds of any Artillery in the game. The Lorraine 155 mle. 51 is even faster than some Medium Tanks, making it a devastating weapon for hit and run strikes.

Is World of Tanks a dead game?

So, with all things considered – is World of Tanks still worth playing in 2021? The answer is a big yes! The game is still one of the most active MMOs that you can get into this year and also one of the most welcoming ones.

What ammo should I use in World of Tanks?

High Explosive or HE ammunition is generally available to most tank classes. The round has an explosive charge in the tip that detonates upon impact. It is the preferred ammunition type for artillery and unlike armor piercing rounds a HE round can cause splash damage.

What is considered artillery?

1: weapons (such as bows, slings, and catapults) for discharging missiles. 2a: large bore mounted firearms (such as guns, howitzers, and rockets): ordnance especially: such ordnance that is capable of long-range indirect fire at a target too distant to be seen. 6

How do you fire in World of Tanks?

Gun Controls Move the mouse up or down to elevate or depress the gun. Left-click to fire at the target.

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