Often asked: How To Play Article 5?

Do you think Article 5 is impossible to play?

  • 2- I didn’t went “I want to play Article 5“, the UI changes reset my situations progress and it really bothers me to not have 100% in what is basically the tutorial missions. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts.

Can you do Article 5 solo?

YOu have to queue and it queues you into people that are also queueing for A5 at the time. if they leave and you stay, you can solo it.

Can you play Article 5?

Playing Article 5 counts as a Terrorist Hunt match and will count towards Terrorist Hunt challenges.

What do you get for doing Article 5?

Reward. For completing Article 5, you are rewarded with the Bartlett University weapon skin. This skin is only compatible with IQ’s Aug A2.

Do you need a full squad for Article 5?

If you try to start Article 5 as a squad, you will be forced to drop squad before starting the mission. My friend and I discovered a way around this. While the cutscene is still playing, invite your friend to squad.

When was Bartlett removed?

Update 3.1. 0; March 6, 2018 Patch: Map removed from Casual Playlist.

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How do I get Bartlett University skin?

Special skin available for the Aug A2 used by IQ. It is unlocked by completing the Situation, Article 5.

How much renown do you get from situations?

Situations are short, single-player tutorial game-modes which teach you the basics. They reward up to 600 Renown points each for completing the three objectives each has, plus a bit more for completion.

Does Rainbow Six siege have a tutorial?

If you’re new to Rainbow Six Siege the first thing you want to do when you start up the game is watch all three tutorial videos. Then I recommend jumping into ‘Situations ‘, which is a PVE playground that teaches you fundamental basic controls, maps, and general gadget utility in the game.

What is a situation in Rainbow Six Siege?

Situations are point to point, objective-based tutorial modes which all the player to familiarize themselves with the mechanics of the game and the Operators available to them. While Situations are a good way to get Renown early on in the game, they are not rewarding after completing their requirements a first time.

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