How To Play Bandurria?

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How is the bandurria played?

Bandurria is a plucked string instrument belonging to the family of Spanish Lute. It is traditionally played with shell or horn plectrum, although currently it is common to use plastic plectrums.

How many instruments are played in a bandurria?

I play the bandurria—a 14- string traditional Filipino instrument that is similar to the mandolin. It is one of five instruments that comprise the rondalla, a musical ensemble of string instruments—the bandurria, the octavina, the laud, the guitar, and the bass.

What is the meaning of bandurria?

: a Spanish stringed instrument of the lute family.

Is bandurria a Chordophone?

The bandurria is a plucked chordophone from Spain, similar to the mandolin, primarily used in Spanish folk music, but also found in former Spanish colonies..

What is the size of a bandurria?

Typical Dimensions: Total length: 25 7/8 in. Body length: 12 in. Body width: 10 in. Sound hole – round: 2 5/8 in.

Why is it called Octavina?

The name as translated in all versions of the instrument has the prefix of octa- which refers to the tuning of each set of double strings. Today it is most commonly found in the local variant of the rondalla, a hispanic string orchestra.

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What is the largest rondalla instrument?

The double bass, also called bass VIOL or contrabass, is four-stringed, the largest instrument of the rondalla, shaped like the violin with two f sound holes, provides the fundamental tone, and reinforces the rhythm.

What is the tuning set of Bandurria?

The modern bandurria has a small, pear-shaped wooden body, a short neck, and a flat back, with five to seven (but usually six) paired courses of strings that are tuned g♯–c♯′–f♯′–b′–e″–a″ (beginning with the G♯ below middle C) and hitched to a guitarlike (tension) bridge.

What rondalla is also called?

Answer: plectrum instrument. The rondalla is an ensemble of stringed instruments played with the plectrum or pick and generally known as plectrum instruments. The word rondalla is from the Spanish ronda, meaning “serenade.

What are the types of Bandurria?

The four courses are double, triple or quadruple, and the tuning is guitar-like, rather than the fourths tuning used on the Spanish type. In Lima, Peru, harp and bandurria duos were common in the early 20th century. Nowadays people there still play bandurria accompanying with the popular vals peruano, or vals criollo.

What is a Kulintang?

: a gong chime of the Philippines also: a musical ensemble made up of kulintangs In the 1950s, an awakening interest in indigenous music and dance led to a diffusion of the kulintang throughout the Philippines. —

What is the description of laud?

To laud someone means to praise them extravagantly — usually in a very public manner. The word laud is from the Latin word laudere, meaning “to praise.” To laud someone is to glorify them, or to sing their praises, even if you’re not actually singing.

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