FAQ: How To Play Scary Games Without Getting Scared?

So here’s what I do and maybe it will help you as well!

  1. Play during the day for more courage.
  2. Increase the brightness of your game/screen to reduce the scare factor.
  3. Lower the volume to prevent jumpscares.
  4. Don’t overthink, start playing before fear paralyzes you.
  5. Don’t play alone to avoid paranoia.

What are the best horror games?

  • Top 100 Best Horror Games 1. Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly (2003 Video Game) 2. Fatal Frame III: The Tormented (2005 Video Game) 3. Fatal Frame (2001 Video Game) 4. Siren (2003 Video Game) 5. Silent Hill 2 (2001 Video Game) 6. Siren 2 (2006 Video Game) 7. The Suffering (2004 Video Game) 8. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem (2002 Video Game)

Playing at night and in the dark is an obvious no-no. To play the horror game without getting scared you need lights and lots of them. With enough brightness, you can play horror games and not get scared. Playing during the day and playing with lights on is definitely the best solution for horror games scare.


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Does playing horror games make you braver?

It makes the whole experience of playing a horror game more enjoyable and much more realistic. This also means horror games help us in gaining courage because it does take courage to actually face our fears or just face anything we find scary and actually fight it or even overcome it.

Why do I get scared when playing video games?

Our mind has the ability to predict potential problems in the future. If this ability gets out of control, then that is what we call anxiety. Being addicted to video games causes us anxiety because when we are playing games, we are not doing the things that we know we should do.

Can you lose weight by playing horror games?

Weight loss! You can burn up to 200 calories while watching a horror movie, 100 being the sweet spot. Dr Richard Mackenzie, a specialist in cell metabolism and physiology at the University, said: “As the pulse quickens and blood pumps around the body faster, the body experiences a surge in adrenaline.”

Why do I love horror games so much?

Aspects like safe rooms and overwhelming feelings of relief are actually a key aspect of why we find horror games so engaging. After experiencing a rush of adrenaline from horror and successfully escaping the danger, the accompanying release of dopamine relieves our tension and relaxes our muscles (Ringo, 2013).

Can video games help anxiety?

Mental health recovery. Video games can act as distractions from pain and psychological trauma. Video games can also help people who are dealing with mental disorders like anxiety, depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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Is gaming a disorder?

The World Health Organization (WHO) says yes. Recently, the WHO officially recognized “gaming disorder” as a mental health condition — adding the disorder to the International Classification of Diseases, or the ICD-11, the organization’s official diagnostic manual, according to CBS News.

How can I be less scared of video games?

Make fun of the monsters and force yourself to laugh at the characters. Attempting your hand at humor, even if false, can lessen the mood of the game and make it less scary. You can also watch spoofs of some video game monsters, such as Pyramid Head, on the internet which may make the characters less scary.

Are horror games or horror movies scarier?

A more realistic experience The researchers recorded people’s reaction while playing a scary video game and they have no doubt that games are more effective than horror films when it comes to giving us a fright. “The response to the scary computer game appears to exceed everything we’ve seen before.

How do you calm down after a scary game?

Be aware of what you’re feeling, and challenge any irrational fears. Afterwards, do something to take your mind off the game to help yourself calm down. Use relaxation techniques.

  1. Try imaging something relaxing.
  2. Listen to relaxing music.
  3. Simply taking slow, deep breaths can help ground you after playing a scary game.

Why are horror movies scarier than horror games?

It’s all so quiet and sudden that it actually leaves you more shaken than if what you saw was just a jump scare. Again, just like the original Alien film. But the reason why this horror game is scarier than the movie is that you are completely immersed in the experience.

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How do gamers stay in shape?

The 7 Steps to Take to Stay Healthy as a Gamer

  1. Stay Hydrated. First and foremost, you have to give your body the water it needs to function.
  2. Eat Healthy Food.
  3. Take Frequent Breaks.
  4. Rest Your Eyes.
  5. Don’t Put Off Sleep.

Are horror movies bad for you?

Although it may be tempting to marathon horror movies all month, this can come with some risks. A 2017 study by the University of Toledo’s Department of Health and Recreation found that binge-watching TV or movies can increase symptoms of anxiety and disrupt sleep, even when they aren’t horror movies.

What is the point of horror games?

A horror game is a video game genre centered on horror fiction and typically designed to scare the player. Unlike most other video game genres, which are classified by their gameplay, horror games are nearly always based on narrative or visual presentation, and use a variety of gameplay types.

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