FAQ: How To Play Ozzy?

  • Start the riff on the low E string with your index finger on the second fret. You will use your ring finger and pinky finger to play the fourth and fifth fret respectively on the A string. Start off this riff by playing down strokes with your right hand on both the low E string and the A string.

Does Ozzy play guitar?

Ozzy Osbourne just might be the luckiest person in rock history. He doesn’t play any instruments (other than harmonica), his band mates write his music for him (sometimes even the lyrics), and though he has a distinctive voice, he’s not really much of a singer.

What tuning is Sabbath Bloody Sabbath in?

Lesson Parts Sabbath Bloody Sabbath is packed full of heavy metal guitar riffs and provides a great rock guitar lesson in the rhythm guitar style of Tony Iommi. Tony often tuned his guitar down to ease the pain caused by his severed finger tips and this song is in his common C# tuning.

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