FAQ: How To Play Kotor On Windows 7?

Two easy fixes for Knights of the Old Republic on modern machines

  1. Open up the folder where you installed the game.
  2. Find the swkotor.exe file – right click it and open up Properties.
  3. Set it to run in compatibility mode for Windows XP SP2.
  4. Also check the box to run as an administrator.

Can you play Knights of the Old Republic on Windows 7?

  • KOTOR doesn’t work on Windows 7. Shit. But complaining won’t do much good. I had to get this fixed! There are two compatibility strategies that can sometimes get rid of the gremlins that make games crap out. Besides, they also double as “Do these just in case and change them back if you really want to” steps.

Is KOTOR playable on PC?

Lucasfilm Games confirms that Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake will launch as a PlayStation exclusive but will also come to PC. Lucasfilm Games confirmed that the remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic won’t just launch as a PlayStation exclusive because it’s also coming to PC.

What specs do you need to run KOTOR?

Here are the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic System Requirements (Minimum)

  • CPU: Pentium III or Athlon.
  • CPU SPEED: 1 Ghz.
  • RAM: 256 MB.
  • OS: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP (95 & NT not supported)
  • VIDEO CARD: 32 MB OpenGL 1.4 compliant AGP or PCX 3D Graphics card with Hardware Transform and Lighting (T&L) Capability required.
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How do I fix KOTOR on PC?

Fix: Make this game think its not on Steam (much easier than it sounds.) Open Steam, and go to Kotor in your library. Right Click kotor and go down to propreties. In propreties there should be an update tab, click on it.

Is KOTOR remake only on PS5?

Lucasfilm Games has confirmed that the KOTOR remake will be coming to PC at the same time as PS5. Sony’s use of “console exclusive at launch” certainly suggests that the game will be coming to other platforms after a set period of time.

Is Kotor getting remastered?

We’re rebuilding one of the greatest RPGs of all time for a new generation with modern tech, features, visuals and more, while maintaining the integrity of the story and characters that we’ve come to cherish. And it’s a console exclusive on PlayStation 5 at launch.

Does Kotor run on Windows 10?

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a great game, however, since the game was released a while ago, it has some issues with newer operating systems such as Windows 10. This can be an annoying error, but you should be able to fix it by running the game in Compatibility Mode.

How many GB is Kotor?

The developer notes that because the game hasn’t been “slimmed down” in anyway, the file size is quite large ( 2.4GB ). That’s kinda what you get for downloading one of the greatest RPGs of all time.

How do I make KOTOR not crash?

How to Fix Kotor Crashing on Windows 10

  1. Solution 1: Turn off Various Graphics Settings.
  2. Solution 2: Update Your Graphics Drivers.
  3. Solution 3: Delete The Introductory Video Files.
  4. Solution 4: Run the Game in Compatibility Mode.
  5. Solution 5: Tweak the. ini File.
  6. Solution 6: Reinstall the Game.
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How do I get KOTOR 2 to work on Windows 10?

1) Run the game in compatibility mode

  1. Right click on the games shortcut or.exe file and press on properties.
  2. Go to the compatibility tab and run the game in compatibility mode for an older version of windows such as windows XP.
  3. Apply the setting then press ok.

What is the best Kotor build?

Here are the 3 best Kotor builds.

  • The Revan Build. Darth Revan plays a central role in the story of Kotor.
  • The Ultimate Force Weilding Kotor Build. The consular scout build is one of the best Kotor 1 builds.
  • The Lightsaber Master Build. Another excellent Kotor build is the scout and guardian build.

What is the max level in Kotor?

The level cap is 20. Your main character will start as either a soldier, scout, or scoundel, and become a jedi shortly after leaving Taris. The game will force your main character to level up to 2 during the tutorial. Optimal builds stay at level 2 of the base class until forced to level up as a jedi.

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