FAQ: How To Play Def Leppard?

What are musical genres does Def Leppard have?

  • Def Leppard‘s musical style has been described as glam metal, hard rock, heavy metal, arena rock, and pop rock. Def Leppard‘s music is a mixture of hard rock, AOR, pop and heavy metal elements, with its multi-layered, harmonic vocals and its melodic guitar riffs.

What tuning does Def Leppard use?

The tuning is standard tuning. As with a lot of Def Leppard’s music from this era, there are a lot of guitar layers all over the place. So with this lesson I am not going to cover every little guitar part heard on the original recording, but instead, focus on what they would mostly play live.

When did let it go by Def Leppard come out?

Photograph is written in the key of D♯m.

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