Zephys: Guide, Item and Skill Builds


About Zephys

Hero: Zephys

Class: Warrior

Specialty: Herald

Arena of Valor game also features another awesome warrior named Zephys. People call him an introverted Death, and cold frost always surrounds him whenever he appears. Zephys puts a long black coat on, with a sharp blade held in his hand. He will use this deadly weapon to tear off anything standing in his pathway.

Zephys Info

A full guide of Zephys

About the skill build

Zephys Skills

Deathless: Deathless is an outstanding skill that Zephys has. Only when he’s not weakened, he can totally use this skill without ceasing, which helps increase a chance of his survival in the group battles.

Death from Above: Zephys can use a dash attack to go behind the enemies very fast, also, he can run away from the dangers around. This skill will help him target the enemies easily. Be sure to watch out the direction if you use this skill to escape.

Fatal Barrage: This skill has a small damage arena. You have to be sure that your target is already in your range prior to using this skill.

Final Rift: Using this skill can help you inflict ranged damage. If it’s used wisely, you can gain the crowd control very easily and quickly. Make sure you pinpoint the enemy location wisely when using this third skill since it’s kind of laggy. 8 seconds is the total amount of time that the cooldown time has when Zephys gets to level 15.

Skill combo:

Zephys’ first skill will be used for entering the battleground, then, you can use the third skill to perform the crowd control. If you can, you should use the third skill from the get go for a better outcome. You can totally dig into the combat, after that, quickly crowd control the rivals to kill them all. Doing so will assist your team to survive the attacks of the enemies, or they can succeed in escaping. The first and second abilities will be used for inflicting damage. Feel free to use the third skill in the later game as much as you want since its cooldown time is kind of low. Even when you don’t have much HP left, you can totally still go after your rivals or get away from the battlefield.

Skill points:

Make sure you add one point to the skill 1 when the game has just started. If you do so, you will find it very easy to prevent the rivals from attacking you from the Wilds. Also, it allows you to attack or get away. Then, try to add more points to the second skill. Lastly, you need to upgrade your Ultimate when you can.

About item build

Zephys Item

Below here are basic items that Zephys is equipped with:

  • Leviathan: This will be used in the Wilds, also, your chance of survival will be increased with this item.
  • Spear of Longinus: The common speed for your attack and the chance of survival will be increased.
  • Claves Sancti: This helps develop your attack
  • The Beast: If you use this one, your life steal will be developed.
  • Ancestral Glory: This item also helps increase the possibility of survival for Zephys. Now he will be able to keep going and fighting with more rivals even if he takes too much damage.
  • Fenrir’s Tooth: Your enemies can be annihilated and their health will be depleted if using this item. You can only attack them in just one hit during the group battles.

Suggested skill: Punish is a suggested skill that Zephys will use in order to invade the rival Wilds. When he achieves Hunters Crossbow, he will use it to get the crowd control in the later game. If you don’t like Hunters Crossbow, then Execute is a perfect substitution.

Ganking at the early stage and in the middle of the game

Gaining the crowd control and closing the game is just easy stuff that Zephys can do. He can totally gank when the game has just commenced, or when it’s in a half stage. Also, he’s good at helping other allies who are struggling against the enemies. Zephys have to deal with Monsters with different sizes, so you need to pair him with other teammates fast to defeat Abyssal Dragon as well as achieve Dark Slayer Buff during the team battles.

Push and annihilate

Zephys has to undergo two periods of the closing gap. The teammates will help Zephys shove the Towers as well as destroy the enemies at the same time. Use the third skill to enter the Tower to slay the low HP foes. Gain crowd control, then attack them with the second skill. If you have sufficient HP, just feel free to keep attacking them. However, if it’s being run out, make sure you get away from the range of the enemy Tower quickly by using the first skill. Don’t forget to see the mini map, and be sure to get away from the rivals fast if you’re not sure you can kill them all.

Team Fights

Zephys Team Fight

Half tank half damage is an outstanding characteristic that Zephys has. He can’t take a bunch of damage. If you combine Zephys with others, the enemies will keep an eye on your tank team. You can dig into the back line of the enemy by using the third skill when you perform a crowd control. Then, the second skill will be utilized first, and the initial skill will be used later. You can easily retreat and get away from the battleground, or go behind your low HP enemies if you use the first skill.

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