Zanis: Guide, Item and Skill Builds

Warrior Zanis

Information about Zanis

Class: Warrior

Specialty: Reap

Just like Lu Bu, Zanis is also another warrior that appears in Arena of Valor. Zanis is always called a ferocious dragon, and he’s yearned for being launched. His physical attack is extremely robust, also, his strength will increase if he stays on the battleground longer.

Full Guide of Zanis

Zanis Info

About his skill build

Zanis Skills
The Dragoon of Zanis seemingly has something that can help the physical attack increase
continuously. His attack will get developed from each of kill or assistance. He also possesses
up to 20 passive stacks dealing large damage even if there is no attack build. Also, the speeds
for the assaults and the movement will be dramatically grown right after employing Blood Wyrm.
Zanis can’t be influenced by the wicked effects. His roar is totally able to decrease the movement
speed of the rival. When using Ultimate, Zanis can inflict high damage on the rivals as well as
make them move slower.
Skill combo:
The Ultimate should be launched first for dealing high damage as well as making the rivals move
slower. Then, you can attack them with Roar. If you want to get a crowd control, Blood Wyrm can
help you do so. When you don’t need that, you can wait till all the crowd control is run out,
that’s when you can attack.

Challenger Skill

Zanis can use Execute to finish off all his enemies easily. Probably, you will get scared a bit
when thinking about being unable to slay the foes on the team battles, which helps them escape.
Don’t think that way, and you shouldn’t get concerned that much because Execute will help you a

About his item build

Zanis Items
Zanis has six items in total, such as Mantle of Ra, Sonic Boots, Mail of Pain, Gaia’s Standard,
The Aegis, and Crimson Banner.
Zanis’s endurance will get increased pretty much thanks to Mantle of Ra. With its passive, Zanis
can stab the rival bases effortlessly. Mail of Pain will help boost his armor, and the passive
will deal damage. With the assistance of Gaia’s Standard, his HP and Magic Defense will be
increased, giving him a high chance to have limitless HP. When using Aegis, the archer Heroes
can’t kite Zanis, in addition, their assault damage will be decreased. Crimson Banner can help
grow the HP of Zanis. He can even use it to regenerated HP or go help other teammates in the
team battles.

Useful tips

Zanis Useful tips

The Ultimate of Zanis needs to be charged first so Zanis can get the crowd control easily. When the attack speed gets increased, you can go kill your opponents.

Zanis must be also leveled up quickly, especially when you’re in the beginning phase. If you level up fast, you will be able to gank when you’re at level 4. Don’t forget to go help your allies because they may need you to kill the enemies. Feel free to use the Ultimate of Zanis in the later team combats.

The movement speed of the rivals should be decreased, so you can go after them easily. Be sure to use the attack power in the later game carefully. If the Ultimate is placed and used wisely, you can totally inflict large damage on your rivals.

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