Violet: Guide, Item and Skill Builds


About Violet

Hero: Violet

Class: Marksman

Features: Charge/Reap

Another Marksman in AOV game you can check out is Violet! If other Marksmen like Yorn, Valhein, Slimz or Fennik is not your choice, then you can consider playing as Violet since she’s also equipped with nice abilities. Being known as the Pistol Assassin, she is an embodiment of a gun-toting angle of justice that emerges from the coast. She can assault the enemies that try to traverse the land.

Violet: Guide, Item and Skill Builds

A full guide of Violet

About her skill build

Violet: Guide, Item and Skill Builds

Reload is the passive skill of Violet and it can decrease the skill cooldown to help her make more agile moves.

Tactical Fire is the first skill of this hero. This skill doesn’t make her cooldown last long, instead, it’s completely decreased after she gets improved. The common assault will inflict a lot of damage on enemies, and it possesses a long shooting distance. She is able to speed up when she is so close to the rivals.

Fire in the Hole is the second skill that possesses a good range speed decrease. You can charge it fast, and use it to obstruct your enemies. But make sure you get some judgment before using it.

Kinetic Rounds is the Ultimate that is able to inflict severe group damage. When using this ability in a group combat or when following the enemies, it will help her gain a lot of souls.

About the skill combo:

Violet is able to use Fire in the Hole to reduce the speed after using Tactical Fire for power improvements for the subsequent common attacks and the shooting range. If the Tactical Fire is continuously used, she will get a chance to fight against the Assassins from afar. Then she will perform a complete combo by using Ultimate.

Challenger Skill

With the Purify, it’s very handy to improve the damage and strengthen the survivability of Violet. Using Flicker can help her elude the attacks of the rivals, also, she can get away from dangers easily.

About her item build

Violet: Guide, Item and Skill Builds

There are some items that Violet possesses, including Muramasa, War Boots, Claves Sancti, Omni Arms, The Beast, and Ancestral Glory

  • Using Muramasa can help Violet pull the cost down. It can inflict serious damage on the Tanks in the beginning phase of the game.
  • War Boots can help develop the movement speed and bring more attack speed to the hero. It also helps improve the skills of Assassins.
  • The Claves Sancti will bring critical assault and damage. You mostly use it after employing the Tactical Fire to fortify the damage as well as provide more conditions to perform extra critical damage.
  • The item Omni Arms has a lot of complete characteristics. They are able to purify the damage, and also, when they are paired with the Tactical Fire, their passive effect can totally cause more damage.
  • The Beast will put up Life Steal and make the endurance and the attack damage develop.
  • With the Ancestral Glory, the solid defense will be fortified.

All the items mentioned above are powerful enough to build a defense for the Assassins. Violet doesn’t count on the speed of assault. Even though the War Boots can compensate for the insufficient attack speed, she still only depends on Tactical Fire. Ancestral Glory can be her choice because of great protective properties. This item can defeat a horde of enemies. After retrieving, you should add The Beast to regain HP.

Violet: Guide, Item and Skill Builds

Useful tips

Needless to say, Violet is very nimble and an explosive, aggressive Marksman. You need to make sure that you pay attention to the gap between the abilities. By doing so, the rivals won’t be able to ambush you.

Violet is able to do the displacement effect of Tactical Fire in order to shuttle frequently between the walls. The benefits of the terrain will help poke and get rid of the enemies.

Tips for usage:

After the Tactical Fire rolling raid, if you direct a reinforced common assault, the fortified shooting range needs to be performed while you are getting out of the scope of Vanguard Tower for taking the HP of the tower. Make sure you won’t release the Tactical Fire roll when you confront with a Gank. End them quickly by using the Purify, or else they will outsmart you, and you will be destroyed after the displacement effect meets its end.