New Version Countdown-New Mode: Death Match

Play Death Match and earn Batman for free!

Rules: It is easy and necessary to collect enough event icons and redeem them for Batman.

How to gather:

  • Log in from 5/28 to 6/10
  • Experience Death Match on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • Conquer quests, for example, X total matches or rank top 3 in X matches

Other information and details will be stated when the patch is active.

information and details will be stated when the patch is active

Dissimilar to the conventional Antaris Battlefield map, you can find various spawn points being controlled by many different factions along with distinct stage events existing at fixed intervals

Antaris Battlefield map

How to access Death Match

When it is available, you can move to the arena in the Casual Match menu.

Casual Match Map Info

Death Match: Lobby

Basic Gameplay Introduction

There are 5 teams. They will have to fight against each other on the same field. By killing enemies, you will increase your points. You are given 8 minutes to end up the challenge. During that period of time, who owns the highest total score will become the winner. The best-ranked party will be shown on the left.

The faction with the highest score after 8 minutes 1st place

Defeat enemy heroes to earn points

Note that there are only two people in each team. So, you are recommended to work together with your partner.

Gameplay Details

You can follow a single match below to dig deeper into the Death Match gameplay.

Stage 1 (Beginning)

There will not be too many additional resources scattered across the playfield. You will be forced to step into the jungle located on the outer edge for leveling.

Be careful! Elemental Stone monsters will appear in that forest right at the start. They are yellow dots on the minimap. Fortunately, these stones will not move or hit back. You can gain EXP and Gold after you remove them. Additionally, you will get an attack buff. Attempt to seek other players to battle.

Elemental Stone

Stage 2 (One minute after the match runs)

There are plenty of golden circles with random sizes. They are visible at unexpected locations in the middle of the area. Standing in a circle will help constantly scavenge gold. Meanwhile, you can receive double if you approach where buff rings overlap. The position of them will be different after a certain time.

Gold Circle

At that moment, Elemental Beasts will be released. They are small. They can carry magic gems on backs. They are too short to take aggressive action. If you interact with them, they will drop their goods and flee. Then, you can loot.

Elemental Beasts


  • Head to the center 1 minute after the match is launched and compete with beasts or take over circles to assemble more.
  • It is a great opportunity to finish off somebody who is weaker than you.
  • Obviously, the better reward will bring back more risks. All of the characters can observe the central region.

Stage 3 (two minutes after the match’s activation)

For fixed intervals, five oddity spots will set free two big Immortal Golems. Assassinate one of them to rob lots of gold and get a 60-second revival buff. Within 60 seconds, the fighter will revive with 70% of Max HP 2 seconds if he died.

Immortal Golem Will Spawn Periodically


  • Keep an eye on the warning appearing at the top right corner before the Immortal Golems pop up. These will not retaliate. Select an appropriate plan to get an edge over them.

Stage 4 (After six minutes)

The clan which dominates the first place can enter the Encircled state. They can see others forever. Wanted markers will be shown beneath the feet of these warriors and on the minimap.


  • Tap the Encircle button to send a request to support encircle.
  • You are advised to form a circle around the team to limit their points.
  • Aim to look for a proper chance that can terminate the foe having the most score.

Death Match FAQs

  1. “The team in first place is too strong. What do we do if the difference in our points is too big?”
  • You can destroy targets in a row. Go after those who possess the higher scores during the Death Match to restrict their moves and scupper surprisingly.
  1. “What should I do if the enemy keeps hiding in their spawn point during the Death Match? What should I do if the enemy corners me in my spawn point?”
  • Lurking in the base without getting out will not get you anywhere.
  • You will be provided an invincibility buff that lasts for 10 seconds after respawning. It will disappear when you depart from the fort.
  1. “There are so many factions in Death Match. How do I tell the difference between enemy factions and my teammate?”
  • HP bars of your rivals are red.
  • Have a look at effects circles under their feet and their logo
  • If two heroes have the same color and logo, they are teammates.
  1. “My team is at a disadvantage. If we’re afraid to get into a team fight, how do we gain points?”
  • Added the special Snipe skill for every participant
  • Snipe will have a cooldown of 25 seconds with a shooting range of the entire battleground and a Slay effect.
  • It can probe vision.
  1. “Won’t heroes who aren’t suited to team fights or one-on-one fights not stand a chance in this mode?”
  • There is a balancing mechanism in that mode. Some brave persons can prove to be stronger than you imagine.

Death Match Tutorial Stage

  • When you accept to play Death Match, you can test a notice asking you if you want to join the tutorial.
  • Death Match gameplay will be not as same as Antaris Battlefield. Therefore, it is useful to conquer the training.
  • It will insist on detailed explanations of new features like Gold Circles, Elemental Beasts, and Elemental Stones.

Quick Tips

  • The initial kill in Death Match will generate more Gold compared to other modes.
  • When an avatar turns red on the minimap, it means that its owner remains very low HP. You can seize that occasion to snipe him.
  • Distinguish friends and – HP bar mode switching
  • Pick the Faction Mode from Settings – Interface
  • Alter the color of the HP bar to suit the faction

Tally Animations

The Arena of Valor game has a tallying animation for Death Match. Currently, lovely elemental protectors will cheer when you win.

Player Info New Display

Added a new window to the Personal Information page

Player Info