May 22th 2020 Arena of Valor Developer Letter

About May 22th 2020 AoV Developer Letter

May 22th 2020 Arena of Valor Developer Letter will focus on several important matters. Welcome to the newest letter!

News and updates in May 22th 2020 AoV Developer Letter

News and updates in May 22th 2020 AoV Developer Letter
News and updates in May 22th 2020 AoV Developer Letter

The AoV 10 day’s sign-in event began on May 17 with the key reward is Nakroth-Demonic. Have you ever tried out the challenge and occupy that free skin?

On May 22, Liliana’s Magical Draw went live. If you have joined the party, you can earn tokens. After collecting 5 coins, you are able to exchange Eland’orr’s Skin: Magic Academy. If you have 15 tokens, you will receive Capheny – Cherry Blossom: Sakura.

There are also the Ramadan event in AoV MENA Server and the celebrating month in Russian Server. In which, you can apply the same way for the final rewards until May 24.

If you come from South Asia Server, you cannot access the transfer event from the old Indian Server that has been finished. Along with your support of Arena of Valor, developers expect you will get a better and smoother game experience with more content added.

Bugs and some crucial suggestions in May 22th AoV Developer Letter

In the recent AoV developer letter, Tencent mentioned the problem of hacking. They affirm that they are working hard to follow the game and seek hackers with those using illegal plug-ins to ruin their game’s balance.

  1. The hacking issue in Arena of Valor a popular MOBA game
Update Skins Capheny Cherry Blossom Sakura
Update Skins Capheny Cherry Blossom Sakura

If you often catch up with the latest AoV updates, you will know that it is not only introduced once. After the 7/24 hours’ monitoring in the game and the verification by Security Center, bad behaviors will be punished. They comprise the install and use of hackers or illegal plug-ins units.

If you spot anything hacked or cheated, you can report them through community feedback and customer service or the coming reporting system. 

  1. Optimizations for the environment in Arena of Valor game
Capheny Cherry Blossom Sakura
Capheny Cherry Blossom Sakura

In the upcoming AoV Beta 27 version, the “Behavior Credits” will be released in the reporting system. It’s difference relies on the players’ behavior. It will be increased with Likes after matches and reduced when being reported.

If the “Behavior Credit” is deducted for many times, the Credibility Score will be lowered. In case the “Behavior Credit” drops too low, there will be some punishment.

  1. VP Task’s description in AoV the game
Capheny Cherry Blossom Sakura 2
Capheny Cherry Blossom Sakura

As well, the team of AoV received reports that revolved around the VP task’s description. It has been fixed.

  1. AoV proficiency event’s issue
Capheny Cherry Blossom Sakura 3
Capheny Cherry Blossom Sakura

If you are one of the persons who can’t get the reward of Key after the hero proficiency becomes legendary in Arena of Valor APK, please contact staff with your in-game information!

  1. Results about AoV’s lore

The answers to the last week’s lore in Arena of Valor PC are AAAB.

The birth of the Elven Queen, Tel’Annas, is close at hand. Which of the following gifts will please the queen?

A: A well-honed training longbow

B: A rare ancient book

The Elven Queen cherishes words like gold, and she was silent even at the banquet because:

A: She wanted to protect her dignity

B: She will tune out of singing

Which of the following people helped Alice during her brief time in Veda?

A: Tulen, Enzo and Yorn

B: Jinnar, Ignis and Yorn

To get an invitation to Alice’s tea party, you must:

A: Get Thane’s approval

B: Fight a magic and candy duel with Alice

With the presence of May 22th AoV Developer Letter, alongside your feedback, developers promise to make strides with each Arena of Valor update. Thanks for reading! See you next time!