Lumburr : Guide, Item and Skill Builds


Information about Lumburr

Hero: Lumburr The Elemental

Role: Tank

« Ashes to ashes, dust to dust ! »

Seemingly, Lumburr plays a crucial role in the world. Together with other Tanks in AOV game, like Toro, Thane, Mina, et., Lumburr also has its own story with so many occurrences. He was the proof of the will of Mother Earth. He was given some awareness and matchless resolution.

Numerous creatures had tried to attack the Earth for a thousand years, but with the secret defense of Lumburr, the Earth was safe. With some natural laws, Lumburr always follows them. His moral code as based on the single law. Hence, he would never cut in the fights between the human beings and the beasts.

«  That is nature’s way. »

When Lumburr saw the abnormal troops coming from the Hell attempting to destroy the Earth, Lumburr got angry. They were so vicious and wouldn’t spare anything standing in their pathway. This time, Lumburr made a decision on joining the combat to fight them off and send them back to Hell. He wasn’t hesitant to take this mission. He showed up and willingly attacked the enemies!

After engaging in a lot of battles, Lumburr is now considered as the reliable hero that should lead the Allied Army.

« I must eradicate all those who would oppose nature ! »

Lumburr : Guide, Item and Skill Builds

A full guide of Lumburr

About his skill build

Lumburr : Guide, Item and Skill Builds


Earth Splitter – Physical Control

  • CD 40s
  • Mana Cost 150

When the delay is over, your tank will start to tear off the ground with the assistance of his strength, then he goes knock out all enemies in the air. 520(+168) physical damage will be given out by Lumburr. The ripped earth will be useful within 5 seconds. The enemies that are still in the zone will have to go at a slow speed, and they have to take unstoppable damage.

Rampage – Physical Control

  • CD 15s
  • Mana Cost 80

Lumburr won’t launch his attacks in a certain direction, it’s supposed to be specified already. This assault will deal 300(+95) Phys.DMG to the enemies that are getting in his way. Also, he will make them fly for one second. When he uses his attack, the movement speed of the enemies will be reduced by 50% for one second. The friendly heroes have a shield and use it to absorb 450(+78) damage and 15% faster movement speed.

Stone Shatter – Physical

  • CD 6s
  • Mana Cost 55

Lumburr creates a lot of stones by smashing the whole ground. Then he would use those stones to deal 230(+156) Phys.DMG to the enemies in a wide range. If the enemies got influenced by the stones, their physical attack and magic attack will be decreased by 15%.


  • Passive

If two friendly heroes stay in the scope of 500 troops, the intimate one with lowest HP and Lumburr will surely obtain 80 Phys.DEF and Magic DEF.

Lumburr : Guide, Item and Skill Builds

About his item build

Lumburr : Guide, Item and Skill Builds

Mantle of Ra

This is an outstanding item which will develop the HP as well as the skill for burning all rivals. Using this item will make your hero more and more aggressive.

Sonic Boots

This is a strong shoe which can be used to develop the movement speed as well as strengthen the physical armor.

Mail of Pain

When you use this item, the enemies will become careful, and they will consider their actions. They will pay attention to your movement.

Frost Cape

Using this item will help you decrease the movement speed of the enemies after every hit. This will turn the skills set of this Hero into more proper.

Gaia’s Standard

If you use this item, you can heal and regain a large amount of blood for your hero.

Asterion’s Buckler

This is a cool item which can help you grow your HP and HP regen, particularly when the inside power is strengthened. It will drag the damage to the enemy easily.