Let’s Have A Better Grasp Of Zanis’s Abilities Through A Detailed Study

Being known as a powerful Warrior in Arena of Valor, Zanis always protect himself against the opponents that keep dishing out damage to him. However, probably Zanis won’t be your usual choice, even though he has a nice strike skilling up quickly thanks to his strong offensive skills.

Skill Study


With this passive, Zanis gets a 12 point increase to the physical damage whenever he earns a kill or helps his teammates, and this can be grown 20 times. 240 points of damage can be considered as a deadly weapon of strong power with the explosive rate at which the damage can be dished out, which is easier for Zanis to increase his kills.

Blood Wyrm

Blood Wyrm

Inside of Zanis, there is a dragon blood running through his body. He sparks it off to get rid of all debuffs as well as grow his movement speed. In addition, his subsequent common assault will be improved, dishing an extra physical damage to the surrounding opponents as well as slowing them down. He will be able to make them move at a slower speed while trying to chase them down in order to complete the combat. If you unleash the first skill, you will also repel the disabling effects on your hero at the same time, which lets him get away from the battlegrounds more effectively.

Tail Sweep

Tail Sweep

With this ability, Zanis attacks the ground, which dishes out physical damage to the surrounding opponents. If some rivals are attacked by this, the attack speed of your hero will be boosted a lot. The skill is regarded as AoE ability. With the speed effect that keeps growing, Zanis is able to pin down the rivals as he tries to eliminate them.

Dragon’s Wrath

Dragon's Wrath

This is the ultimate of Zanis! He attacks the target, inflicting real damage as well as defeating the rivals into the air shortly. In the next five seconds, Zanis will absorb 15% less damage, also the normal assaults will dish out an extra real damage too. This is considered as the main attacking skill of Zanis. Nobody will be able to get in his way as soon as he utilizes Dragon’s Wrath. With the strong damage dished out, Zanis can surpass the opponents effortlessly.

Zanis can surpass the opponents effortlessly

Zanis will utilize the initial skill to increase his movement speed when he tries to chase an enemy. The speed is boosted only when the opponent is escaping. Then, he uses the second skill to decrease the movement speed of the rival while he’s still dishing out damage. The third skill will be used last to eliminate the enemy. When Zanis stays in a tight place, he is able to employ the skill 2 to decrease the enemy speed, and boost his speed using the first one so as to get away from the combat. He can take a leap over two monsters and then flee from the rivals too.

When Zanis joins a team fight, he will use the skill 1 to charge into the rival group, and then dish out a lead damage with the skill 2, and use the ultimate to inflict massive damage. All of these will help him guide his team to the glory. Sometimes, Zanis can use the ultimate to wipe out an enemy whose health is running out.

The teammates will feel confident when they fight against the enemies thanks to Zanis who will help them win the fight. He will dish out a lot of damage when he takes on the role of a tank.