The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive


Barry Allen can always move a mile a minute. However, that changed at the day his mother was murdered.  After the extremely active kid who caused his teachers to be mad, the energy was used in order to find the true killer. His journey for justice brought him to a new career as a forensic scientist and he was utterly attracted in his work.

A freak lightning attacked his lab and Barry was given a power of super-speed. He became the Flash afterward. From that incident, he can race up buildings or cross oceans and travel around the world to prevent bad guys from going beyond the law. With the running ability which is near light-speeds, he explored the ultimate adrenaline rush. With the own determination and concentration, the Flash can learn the way to adjust through items, generate sonic bombs with the snap of fingers.

Another start

Unfortunately, his abilities were placed in the final test by an unexpected event. When he tried to rescue a group of kids from a school fire, he pushed those skills to the limit and discovered the very heart of the Speed Force, a secret extra-dimensional energy that controlled him. Then, he catapulted through plenty of alternate realities until he appeared in a magical land known as Athanor. Although he complained about what happended to him, he soon found the fact that there were no coincidences in the place the Speed Force is concerned. In Athanor, the Flash recognized that the Speed Force was being conveyed into Athanor by a Lokheim general. That leads to the catastrophe that made him stranded in Athanor.

He decided to join with Justice League members so as to unravel mysteries of Athanor and restore the Speed Force.

The fastest man alive

The development team of the cool Arena of Valor picked out the latest 52 version of the Flash for the current design. They also combined many different characteristics from the comics. Aside from that, the in-game model will utilize additional energy and lightning effects whilst he is dashing to offer a real feeling that he’s zipping around the battleground.

The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive

Ability Toolkit

  • Sonicboom (Passive)
  • Super Speed (Ability 1)
  • Mach Punch (Ability 2)
  • Cyclone (Ultimate)

Ability Toolkit

Each time the Flash shifts 4 units, he will get one stack of Speed Force. When reaching 10 stacks, he will trigger the Speed Force, which fortifies the next normal attack while moving forward. He can reduce the enemy’s movement speed by 50% for a while and deal the magic damage. When he hit somebody, he will obtain a shield.