Everything About Skills of Zill

As a powerful Assassin Hero, people consider Zill as a brutal hurricane when he tears through the rear lines of the opponents. The enemy forces shouldn’t think about preventing him by mixing together as well as concentrating on their power. It’s not easy to defeat Zill!  With his ultimate, he is totally able to turn himself into a Typhoon that can’t be controlled by anymore. Also, he will deal explosive damage to the surrounding rivals as he makes his way through the waves of them.

Skill Analysis

Dust Devil

Dust Devil is a passive! Zill will be able to deal a wind mark to his target thanks to the damage from his skill. If three marks are gathered together, they will create a dust devil mark that will decrease the movement speed of the targets by 80. The marks will be effective in 5 seconds. His common assaults will inflict magic damage as well as refresh the cooldown on the wind shift skill when he attacks a prey that is bringing a dust devil mark. Extra magic damage will be given out to the rivals by each common attack of Zill.

With the first skill called Wind Blade, Zill is able to pile up two marks when it goes out and returns. Wind Shift is the second ability that helps him pile up only one mark while the ultimate – Tornado – can totally maximize the marks of individuals on attacking them.

Wind Blade

Wind Blade

Wind Blade 2

Zill makes his advancement, then releases dual scythes, which dishes out magical damage as well as decreases the enemy’s movement speed in its path. After regrouping, the dual scythes will stop for a bit, then continue to return to the place where Zill is dishing out extra magic damage to his rivals in the return path.

You need to keep in mind that the damage when the wind blade coming back is extremely higher than when they are released by the hero at the first time. Also, the blade trajectories will be altered. Zill can alter his position so the returning blades will be able to hit the targets that are escaping away.

Wind Shift

Wind Shift 2

Wind Shift 2

Zill will be taken to the location of the target instantly, then he inflicts magic damage on the nearby rivals. With his second skill, he can overcome terrain, however, it owns a quite long cooldown time. You should attack enemies that are carrying the dust devil mark using your common assault when you have to chase them down or when you need to flee away with the wind shift so as to retrieve your second skill.



Tornado is an Ultimate of Zill! He will turn himself into a tornado then attack surrounding opponents at random five times in 1.5 seconds, which will dish out magic damage. The continuous damage to the similar target will be decreased to 40%. Nobody can assault Zill while he is in the attacking stage. His ultimate will dish out explosive damage.

You can let Zill start the Ultimate to make him invulnerable to the damage as well as the control when lots of rival forces are encircling him. Zill needs to discharge many skills just like an assassin depending on magic. With the passive buff, his common assaults will be given a lot of extra damage.

If you want to refill mana and elude the mana reduction, you should wipe out the sage golem in the jungle area. It will be good for you to jungle in the early phase of the game as an assassin in order to chase the opponents over three lanes.

Zill would be able to finish off minions fast by using his first skill. The ability of Zill is much more increased and becoming brutal after level 4, however, you need to finish off the nearby minions or monsters first before you releasing his ultimate. This will guarantee that a large amount of damage of it will be dished out onto the rival forces completely.

Zill find the chances to eliminate the enemies

You should let Zill find the chances to eliminate the enemies that are breakable. When the game is in its middle and late phase, it’s not appropriate for Zill to mount a frontal attack because he doesn’t have enough control skills, and he isn’t equipped with a large amount of HP.

You can think about moving around in particularly, which releases another assault when the attention of the enemy has been drawn by your allies. This can be a great choice to establish a high success rate in terms of killing.

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