Chaugnar: Full Ability Study and Stats

Ability Analysis

Chaugnar takes on a role of a Tank in Arena of Valor. This hero is also a great choice for you if you are into Tank class in the game. Chaugnar is armed with strong abilities, and he will use them wisely to defend his allies while trying to get an advantage over the enemies by utilizing his disabling and area-of-effect skills.

Energy Surge

Energy Surge

Energy Surge 2

This is the first skill of Chaugnar. He will call for a strong wave of energy that helps him give out lots of magical damage to the rivals that are nearby, also, he will decrease their movement speed for 2 seconds. This is considered as the main range damaging ability of Chaugnar. You can use it to finish off the lane easily. Also, be sure to use this to decrease the speed of the rivals when they are trying to get away. Chaugnar will be able to catch them easily, then he will carry on giving out more damage to annihilate them.

Void Cleanse

This is the passive skill! Whenever he utilizes an energy surge, the chaos energy will be summoned to get rid of all control effects, decrease the damage soaked by 10% as well as boost the movement speed.

Shock Wave

Shock Wave

Chaugnar swings his body to launch a dangerous shock wave. It will attack the enemies nearby and inflict magical damage to the enemies in its area of effect. Whenever the hero uses it, it will give the next one a damage bonus of 10%. Striking a target enemy will cut on second more from the cooldown of the initial skill. This awesome area of effect attack possesses such a nice range. Your hero will normally inflict massive damage after attacking the rivals and helping his allies to destroy them.

Chaos Protection

Chaos Protection

Chaugnar has secret powers, and he will use them to get rid of all disabling effects that could have been utilized on the surrounding allies while trying to give them additional protection. Also, the ultimate skill will cut the cooldown of the ability, 2 to 5 seconds once it was utilized, and no mana usage required. This is such a big boost to the general skill of your hero’s team, which helps them stay alive longer. Chaugnar is able to lead his allies to the glory!

Skill Chaos Protection

Entrapment: The hero will utilize the skill 1 without ceasing to make the enemies move at a slower speed when they escape, and utilize the second skill at the same time to continue attacking them until they are coped with. From time to time, skill 1 can be used to destroy the rivals from a distance too.

Team Strategy: Chaugnar utilizes the first skill to counter attacks the enemies, and reduce their movement speed. He attacks directly into their midst, then uses the ultimate later while putting more pressure on them. When he combines the second skill and the first skill, they will inflict more heavy damage, and assist his allies to annihilate the enemies.

Chaugnar is able to utilize the ultimate when he takes damage from the enemies with disabling effects so the allies can continue fighting and ensure the glory.

To sum up, thanks to the strong resistance as well as the anti-disabling skills that Chaugnar has, his allies will get a useful defensive shield in the combat, and they can survive longer to inflict further damage from a safe distance as well as achieve a win!