Arena of Valor World Cup Prize Pool – The Largest in Mobile Gaming History

Arena of Valor World Cup Prize Pool

Arena of Valor World Cup Prize Pool

The Arena of Valor World Cup is rapidly coming with over $550,000 in prizes. It is also the largest reward in mobile gaming history until now.

In the next few months, teams which are from around the globe will have the chance to play against each other for a valuable spot in the AWC and win the money. Those who are in North America and Europe will be able to engage now in the Valor Series for a piece of the $550,000. New Key Visuals have been made, especially for the World Cup, introducing some strongest heroes in AoV cooperating together to be the winner.

The prize structure:

$200,000 – Overall Winning Team

$100,000 – Second Ranked Team

$50,000 – Third & Fourth-Ranked Teams

$18,000 – Fifth through Eighth-Ranked Teams

Additional prizes for teams based on teamwork:

$5,000 – Most Enduring Team – Given to the group that draws off a success from the biggest deficit

$5,000 – Most Creative Team – Awarded to the one that tests and uses successful tactics which not existing before.

Awards for competitors, depending on their individual gameplay:

$10,000 – AWC Overall MVP

$3,500 – Had Most Kills

$2,500 – Collected Second Most Kills

$1,000 – Gained Third Most Kills

$3,500 – Got Most Assists

$2,500 – Received Second Most Assists

$1,000 – Had Third Most Assists

$3,000 – Caused Most Damage

$3,000 – Took the Most Damage

$1,500 – Finished a fruitful strategy with a less famous hero.

Besides, $500 will be assigned to each clan for each match won during the AWC.

Therefore, that adds up to over $550,000 worth of Cash Prizes.