Arena of Valor: New Version Patch Note

Please get ready to explore the update reserved for balance issues for heroes in the cool Arena of Valor game together with essential adjustments to the user interface, arena mechanics, equipment, and so on. Hope the new version patch will make battles more interesting and fair.

I.Another Gameplay Mode

The Death Match is now active. It is also the mode that we are mentioning. It includes 5 elemental factions. Each of them can contain two people. These players can be controlled simultaneously. Aside from that, every party will have the unique spawn area on the battlefield. If you destroy somebody, you will gain more points above that enemy’s head. The match will last 8 minutes. Ranks will be based on the team score at the end.

Try to think carefully about killing your opponents who have the higher point in order to earn much more for your clan! If you and your teammate are behind, you can focus on positioning and making a plan to come back. Creating temporary alliances with other persons and attacking the better target will turn any match around immediately.

II.User Interface Optimizations

User Interface Optimizations

  • The lobby UI has been overhauled in the latest version so as to improve it. You will feel more convenient with that change. For example, the Casual Match and Ranked Match buttons are moved to the bottom of the screen and added a quick access switch to 5v5 Grand Battle so that you and other competitors can enter the game easily.
  • Both of the Mail and Friends systems have been transferred to the top-right corner. Remember to check your messages regularly!
  • Besides, you can see more places to claim rewards at the left and top right sides of the lobby. Everything will be gathered here so challengers can collect prizes without difficulty. It is not necessary to worry about missing them!
  • You can follow the official Facebook page and YouTube channel from the lobby UI to watch clips or meet up with other friends throughout the world.
  • The visual overhaul will offer a bigger display space for warriors and skins.

New Features

  • Exclusive hero and skin tokens – They will help you gain more characters and outfits.
  • A Arena of Valor: New Version Patch Note feature has been already added. You can enjoy live matches, check schedules, and observe match recordings of special occurrences.
  • Another monthly sign-in is given to the player to get awards from daily sign-ins and by assembling them.
  • There is a cool quest system to assist the beginner advance rapidly. Complete these requirements to receive gifts.

Game Optimizations

  • Optimized the display interface of the 14-day sign-in for the newbie. It will appear directly in the Arena of Valor game. It is more pleasant for the novice to sign in and obtain rewards.
  • Made the best of prompts regarding hero and skin rewards in the event interface. You can view event rewards if you have a hero or a skin.

Setting Optimizations

  • It is possible to mute the microphone whilst recording a video from the Highlight Reel. Thus, only the in-game audio will be recorded.

III.Arena Mechanic Adjustments


Base Gold: 60 → 42

Vision radius of scout sprite: 6m → 4.8m

Spirit Sentinel

Base EXP: 145 → 72

Minion Waves

To keep the state between the red and blue minion waves steady, elements (the model size of these guys, their routes, and their performance) have been optimized.


Made the most effective use of the assault priority of normal beasts, when they take damage and they are sent to the map, they often strike the unit that has just attacked them and long-range heroes can draw those creatures away. That is adjusted so monsters will prioritize attacking the prey nearby. It will be more reasonable.


Gold for getting the last hit on a minion: 20% → 30%

Optimized the sound and visual effects for the final onslaught

Challenger Ability

The immune is deleted.

IV.Equipment Adjustments

There are three tools that not existing before. They are Anabolic Rage Bow, Rock Shield, and Arctic Orb.
Bow of Slaughter

Bow of Slaughter

Price: 2300

Crafting: Cleaving Claymore, Bloodied Club, and Gloves

Attack Damage: +90

Life Steal: +10%

Critical Chance: +20%

Active effect: Life Steal is upgraded by 90% for 3 seconds after it is activated

Cooldown: 60 sec

Rock ShieldRock Shield

Price: 1980

Crafting: Necklace of Vitality, Light Armor, and Gladiator’s Gauntlets

Armor: +150

Magic Defense: +150

HP: +800

Unique Active – Rock Shield: 3 seconds after being enabled, acquire a shield adequate to 30% of the damage that the fighter takes within that period of time + 10% of Max HP. The shield will exist for 3 seconds. The damage output is decreased by 70% for 3 seconds.

Cooldown: 75 sec

Arctic OrbArctic Orb

Price: 2000

Crafting: Enchanted Scroll, Spell Tome, and Spell Tome

Ability Power +200

Unique Active – Coagulate: Resist to effects for 1.5 seconds. It is impossible to walk, charge, or cast skills.

Cooldown: 90 sec.

Flashy BootsFlashy Boots

Price: 760 → 690

Enchanted KicksEnchanted Kicks

Price: 790 → 710

Hermes' SelectHermes’ Select

Price: 630 → 580

Medallion of TroyMedallion of Troy

Price: 2220 → 2320

Gaia's StandardGaia’s Standard

HP: +1100 → +1200

Magic Defense: +180 → +240

Hecate's DiademHecate’s Diadem

Crafting: Spoopy Mask and Ancient Scriptures → Enchanted Scroll and Enchanted Scroll

Ability Power: +200 → +240

Eliminated Unique Passive: Magic Pierce +75

Claves SanctiClaves Sancti

Price: 2000 →2250

Attack Damage: +100 → +90

Unique Passive: Critical Chance +30% → Critical Chance +25%

Unique Passive: Grow critical damage by 50%

Slikk's StingSlikk’s Sting

Price: 2050 → 2000

Crafting: Tempest Blades and Gloves → Tempest Blades with Gloves and Gloves

Attack Speed: +30% → +35%

Critical Chance: +20% → +25%

Movement Speed: +5% → +7%

[Canceled] Unique Passive – Hurricane: Accrete critical damage by 50%

Unique Passive – Blessing of the Wind: Rise up the resistance by 35 for 2 seconds after a fatal hit


Attack Damage: +90 → +80

Increased Life Steal: +6%


Price before: 1980

Price after: 2020

Attributes: Attack Damage +75

Cooldown Speed +10%

Unique Passive: Armor Pierce +45%

V.Game Optimizations

Ameliorated the running animations for a lot of heroes so their running actions will fit their movement speed

Because it is feasible for max to fly off the battleground in some zones, the use of Max in 3v3 and Death Match modes is banned.

VI.Hero Balance Adjustments

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