Arena of Valor: The Joker Gameplay Tips

Joker is a hero in the incredible Arena of Valor game. He can create a high burst damage and own a noticeable poke ability. Aside from that, he is equipped with a large amount of mobility and survivability with the second skills and ultimate.

Arena of Valor: The Joker Gameplay Tips

Build Explanation


It is considered as a powerful weapon because it will help your character cause a massive damage to the enemy, improve the movement speed, and increase the power of the armor piercing. You can wander around the mid lane and the opponent’s jungle with him at the beginning. Additionally, it will provide some cooldown reduction so he can stab the other people easily.

Hermes’ Select

They are unique boots that can double the movement speed. So, your player can roam faster and collect much more kills. They work better when being combined with the Rankbreaker.

Omni Arms

They are really helpful for your combo. They can generate the extra damage. Thus, you can blast away any squishy and lunge into other warriors. Not only that, they will grant you various stats to assist you in every way.

Fenrir’s Tooth

It is one of the most exciting items that support your Joker bring about the most attack damage of anything. It’s passive rises up all damage done to the prey who is below 50% HP. It let you eliminate the remaining opposing survivors. It can be used with the first or third skill.


The armor will be the main problem for the Joker since it blocks his burst. It can be put together with the Rankbreaker armor pierce in order to set up the max damage to fighters and deal a significant damage to tanks. It shows a more cooldown reduction, too.

Death Sickle

According to its passive, you can choose it to finish off the target sooner, conquer 1v1 fights or escape lethal hits in team battles.

Skill Explanation & How to Play Joker

Passive: Punch line

After a short time out of the combat, the Joker will charge a bullet into his pistol. The new standard assault will release more damage and slow by 90%. He can take it to demolish enemies who have the low health or make them have to ward away from him continuously. It is regarded as a core part of his burst damage combo.

Skill 1: The Killing Joke

The Killing Joke

It is a long range skill shot. You are recommended to pick it if you want to poke down somebody. If you are successful, you will get them down or utilize it to terminate weaker rivals who are running away. It is necessary to cast it at the end of the combo.

Skill 2: Pick a card, any card

Pick a card, any card

It is a good ability that will get rid of slow effects. The Joker can resist them for the duration of the skill and speed up. He is able to immune to the physical damage and flee or tank high damage abilities.

Skill 3: Canned laughter

Canned laughter

He can dash to the objective and stun him. Then, sprint back to the previous location. You can pick it with the combo.

How to play Joker

At the start of AoV game, you are advised to poke the other whilst removing minion waves with the 1st skill. When you unlock the level 4, you can go for a kill on a feeble antagonist. The major damage combo is Skill 3, basic attack, and Skill 1. They will discard most adversaries or cause a notable amount of damage. You can keep basic attacks and abilities to continue utterly knocking down damage. Always attempt to save the second ability to dodge dangers. Therefore, you can either elude or break free or defeat damage. It is possible to decide on the second one to chase or travel rapidly.