Arena of Valor: Wonder Women Skills Analysis

Wonder Women Skills Analysis

Wonder Women Skills Analysis

We have had a quite full skills analysis related to the DC’s Wonder Woman in the Arena of Valor game. She is a brave melee warrior and she can control most of the situations, though she completely has her share of damage capabilities.

Passive: Amazon Shield

It is a useful item that protects her from hits. Additionally, it also works as a long-range projectile on each third normal assault. When it is connected with a target in the Arena of Valor game, it can regain HP and help its owner continue to exist longer than other heroes. In another case, she can stand and launch the standard attack to create the long-range shield onslaught. It can be helpful when she is trying to kill coming minions, as the object will pass through the foe and harm on everything along the way.

First Ability: Sword & Shield

They are the equipment that will demolish adversaries and generate a noticeable slowdown effect. The damage power will be divided into two stages. Firstly, she will dash forward and bump into the prey with her shield. When she takes the similar competence in a little while after that, she can activate the second phase that will make Diana lunge ahead with the sword and deal double damage to the rival. Because her abilities can be very difficult to manage and master, you and other teammates are recommended to practice with her in a 1v1 bot match. That training course will assist you to make use of her potential in next battles.

Second Ability: Lasso of Truth

Second Ability: Lasso of Truth

It is ready to offer some mobility and it can set a stun effect for a short time. It is great for team fights while making an effort to get an advantage. If your opponent’s HP is at 50% or less, Wonder Woman can choose her lasso to draw him toward her, which is ideal for her to split his group and confuse them within their ranks. Oppositely, it will push her toward the antagonist when the competitor’s HP is more than 50%. Whilst it may sound risky, it can allow a quick withdrawing. If you are being chased, you can select a monster in the forest to prevent the chaser from killing you. Even, you can pull yourself over some obstacles on the map of Arena of Valor, setting a defending line between you and the other.

Third Ability: Bracelets of Submission

They can be very flexible. Indeed, they can solve a large amount of damage and give a protection to friends at the rear. Besides, it can improve the movement speed of Wonder woman by 80% temporarily and reduce a lot of damage. If your clan wants to surpass a tower in the Arena of Valor game and gank some enemies controlling that place of defense, you can deploy an initiator so he can break into that area and attract them. Next, opt for Wonder Woman’s ultimate to capture the other players and remember to cover your allies. If you finish that plan, the risk of passing by the tower is almost zero. But, trigger that ultimate before getting a deadly destruction as the final push to stay alive.

Wonder Woman should be chosen to play as a mild supporter who can determine the behavior and charge the archenemy at the appropriate opportunities.