Arena Of Valor: May 22nd 2020 Balance Changes

Balance changes in Arena of Valor update named May 22nd, 2020

Arena of Valor (AoV) is one of the most beloved 3D MOBA games, including three modes, Grand Battle, Valley Skirmish, and Abyssal Clash. In which, players will compete against each other in matches that often last for 12-18 minutes. The goal of every character will be to destroy the opponent’s turrets and remove their core. The game regularly released big updates. One of them is called May 22nd, 2020 Balance Changes.

Arena of Valor update named May 22nd, 2020
Arena of Valor update named May 22nd, 2020

According to the developer, AoV the game is getting a server update on May 22, 2020, at 6 AM GMT. Users should avoid matchmaking during that period. After a match is finished, you will be asked to log in again to up to date the resource pack. To learn much more about the latest version, you can check its details below.

Adjustments to the battlefield in Arena of Valor

It is the first difference dropped into the Arena of Valor May 22nd, 2020 Balance Changes update.

The designer considered that they had implemented a series of changes for mage’s gear, in which, mages got some valuable buff. Nonetheless, there were still a few Middle Lane heroes abandoned. At present, they are working on these guys by cutting down the minions’ HP within the early game so Middle Lane warriors can kill wandering followers quickly.

As well, they believed that the Defense Tower’s ability in the earliest stage in Arena of Valor game was pretty weak. So, they are deploying a buff on the Outer Tower of the Middle and Slayer Lanes, where they think that their game can focus more on roaming instead of towers.

  1. Lanes in Arena of Valor

Controlling lanes when you play Arena of Valor game is important. Currently, their attribute gets some tweaks. Specifically, the basic HP growth of minions in the Middle position is decreased by 20%. The basic HP growth will return to the normal state after 5 minutes.

  1. AoV Defense Tower

Battle against the foes in the AoV game and remember to defend! To Defense Tower’s mechanics, the Protection possibility of the Middle & Slayer Lane Outer Towers has increased: 40% damage reduction for the initial 3 minutes to 60% for the first 5 minutes.

Hero Balance Changes after Arena of Valor: May 22nd, 2020 update

Along with the existence of the arena in AoV May 22nd, 2020 Update released, you can experience something different reserved for the hero. Based on the note from the designer, we can know that they have already done a couple of enhancements to make the growth rate not rely on AP buff too much.

  1. Ghost Guardian: Kahlii

Ability 1: Soul Summoning

Slow Effect: 10%, for 2 seconds, heap up to 5 times – 30%, for 2s, not stackable

Ability 3: Ethereal Pulse

Magic Damage: 70 + 20/lv + 0.09AP – 80 + 20/lv + 0.08AP

  1. The Seer: Ilumia

Ilumia in Aov, formerly Realm of Valor then Strike of Kings, is a high win rate hero in the solo queue. She is regarded as Global Gank Queen.

Ability 2: Banish

Magic Damage: 190 + 24/lv + 0.4AP – 250 + 30/lv + 0.4AP

Cooldown: 10 – 1/lv – 9 – 0.6/lv

Base Movement Speed: 340 – 350

  1. Elegant: Liliana

Ability 1: Foxtrot

Tail Damage: 300 + 60/lv + 0.5AP – 350 + 50/lv + 0.5AP

Ability 2: Blinding Light

Missile Damage: 300 + 30/lv + 0.75AP – 400 + 40/lv + 0.65AP

Base Attack: 156 – 165

Attack Growth enhanced to 10

  1. The Reaper Queen: Mina

From Arena of Valor guides, you will be advised to choose Mina because he can inflict tons of damage to the opposing enemy and give her party strong Crowd Control abilities.

Ability 1: Whirling Scythe

Mana Consumption: 75 – 50

Cooldown: 8 – 0.6/lv – 6.5 – 0.3/lv

Base Movement Speed: 380 – 390

  1. Lord of the Abyss: Maloch

Ability 1: Cleave

Physical Damage: 400 + 120/lv + 1.8AD – 350 + 110/lv + 1.8AD

Ability 2: Souleater

Max Shield: 600 + 210/lv + 2.7AD – 540 + 180/lv + 2.7AD

  1. Rouie

Combine Ability 2 and Roxie’s Ultimate to teleport back to the Altar. One of the new AoV heroes, Rouie, cannot carry units back with her. Use Ability 2 to absorb Hero/Minions and Rouie’s Ultimate to go back

  1. Zill

Skill 1: Wind Blade

Mana Consumption: 65+5/lv – 50+5/lv

Ability 2: Wind Shift

Cooldown: 12.5-0.5/lv – 10

Mana Consumption: 70+10/lv – 60

Skill 3: Tornado

Mana Consumption: 120+20/lv – 100+15/lv

  1. Taara

In Arena of Valor PC, Taara’s HP regeneration is a crucial characteristic. Because she is affected by the curse of Death, her popularity has been reduced.

Passive: Fighting Spirit

Lowered HP if releasing usual abilities: 5% – 4%

Lessened HP with Ultimate: 10% – 8%

  1. Dirak

Ability 2: Fallen Star

Casting Range: 12m -11m

  1. Alice

Ability 3: Hissy Fit

Minimized Magic Defense: 30%+10%/lv – 30%

Cooldown: 35-5/lv – 30

  1. Keera

Amongst Arena of Valor characters, she is a bit too powerful in the mid and late game.

Ability 1: Umbra Dream

Shortened Internal Cooldown: 4s – 5s

Did the same for her Effect: 25% – 10%+5%/lv

About Hero Control Feel since Arena of Valor: May 22nd, 2020

After the official Arena of Valor: May 22nd, 2020 Balance Changes release date is launched, Errol-The Tainted can be guided with the left joystick after the ability hits the competitor.

  • Ability 1: Ghostscythe
  • Ability 2: Boneshaver
  • Ultimate: Demon Claw
  • Iron Body will be fired before leaping into the mid-air so he will immune to control effects.

Balance Changes in AoV May 22nd, 2020 for Carano

AoV May 22nd, 2020
AoV May 22nd, 2020

Carano Chess is a cool casual match mode in Arena of Valor that sets people’s tactics in various rounds. It is an ancient game managed among the mages.

  • Assassin Changes: 6 Assassins: 50 critical chance, 250% critical damage – 60% and 250%
  • Marksman Changes: 4 Marksmen: 40% critical chance, 50% attack – 50%, 60%
  • Tank Changes: 6 Tanks: Tanks’ extra armor acquired +1200 -Allies’ extra armor achieved +1200

Improvements for some chess pieces in Arena of Valor game

Together with enhancements for heroes, Carano Chess in Arena of Valor APK, you can seek more here.

  • Moren Physical and Magic Resistance: 100/140/180 – 100/200/300
  • Florentino: 1500/3000/4500 – 2000/4000/6000
  • Annette: 500/1000/1500 – 1000/2000/3000
  • Xeniel Damage: 500/750/1000 – 750/1250/1750
  • Gildur: 600/1200/1800 – 600/1600/2600
  • Gildur Guardian|Believer – Tank|Guardian|Believer

AoV’s bug fixes from the May 22nd, 2020 Balance Changes update

May 22nd, 2020 Balance Changes is an amazing Aov update comprising improvements and much more. Get ready to enjoy a better game after issues resolved! They are involved in:

  • The place where the 6-Tank combos in Carano Chess were not be activated. Tank chess pieces turned into 6 from 5
  • Magic Chess: Solved a bug that the “Shield of the Lost” description could not express the consequence of increased Energy when it was attached
  • The problem in Valor Quests: rewards for Bronze II wouldn’t be gathered because of reaching Bronze I after Placement Match
  • The passive HP Regen of Equipment: The Belt of Clarity could not act

Arena of Valor May 22nd, 2020 Balance Changes is an extremely helpful update when it brings back numerous effective upgrades. Aside from the battleground, heroes or bug fixes that it displays, your gaming experience will be boosted up a lot. Have fun!