Arena of Valor Game: Introduction of 5v5 Mode

5v5 is considered as an important mode in the Battle Modes of Arena of Valor game. At the beginning, you should quickly familiar with its map if you want to find the final victory. Watch the following video to understand what is essential in 5v5 matchups!

Battle Lanes

On 5v5 maps, the bottom along with the middle and the top lanes are called battle lanes. The lane mentions to the path on both of the friendly and the enemy soldiers battle it out.

Normally, one or two characters will take the top and the bottom lanes which are named the side lanes. The middle one can be owned by one solitary player. It is known as the solo lane. Additionally, it is shorter than others. It requires a Mage that reaches the higher level in the fastest time.

Arena of Valor Game: Introduction of 5v5 Mode


The Wilds is placed in three battle lanes. It is a large zone which full of resources. Generally, each team’s Raider can take over it without difficulty. The Wilds’ buffs are frequently stolen by those who come from two sides. In the Wilds, there will be plenty of objects which are used to cover your body in case you are being hunted and attacked.

Aside from that, you are able to detect several small clan matches that are set in the Wilds. You and other people must cooperate together well to advance.

Arena of Valor Game: Introduction of 5v5 Mode

Defense Towers

Defense Towers in the Arena of Valor iOS game are buildings that can effectively offend and defend. They are positioned one every lane. They can protect the enemy heroes if these guys are in danger.

You are advised to keep an eye on the assault order of the Defense Tower as well as the time that your group’s progress if you’d like to rush and demolish the foe. Try to plan your push when your side’s units are moving into their tower’s attacking range!

Abyssal Dragon and Dark Slayer

The Abyssal Dragon will give both sides with plentiful EXP and lots of resources in the early stage. That makes it become a hot spot. If you are successful in beating it, you can pick the buffs to smash the adversary and have a good chance to get closer to the glory.

Meanwhile, the Dark Slayer can supply your buffs in the late game, for example, directly restoring HP. It is a crucial weapon in group combat at the end of the game.

Arena of Valor Game: Introduction of 5v5 Mode