Arena of Valor Game: Basic Tips You Need To Know

Arena of Valor Game: Basic Tips You Need To Know

Whether you are only a seasoned MOBA gamer or a new player who has already entered the world of arenas, these guides are really useful. They are ready to bring to you the most effective tutorials that you can apply to upgrade your own strategy. Take a look at the simplest instructions right now! You will not have to regret surely.

Conditions for The Victory

You should realize that the 5v5 battle map in Strike of Kings is a large playing field consisting of three lanes. Each side will have 3 defense towers per lane and 1 base. Only after the defense towers in the surroundings have been just destroyed, you will have the chance to demolish the enemy’s home base and become the winner.

Defense Tower Mechanisms

Arena of Valor Game: Basic Tips You Need To Know

Do not try to take down any defense tower by yourself! If you’d like to take aggressive action against one of them, you’d better deploy your soldiers and make them move in the range of the tower so that they will assist you to attack the target first. Be wary! If you detect your fighters are dying rapidly, you must leave that spot as fast as possible in order to avoid every assault coming from the tower and survive.

Keep in mind that the enemy towers will strike repeatedly and fiercely in case you decide to hit Arena of Valor heroes within their zone. Therefore, it will not be easy for you to blindly eliminate them when an opponent is standing under the tower.

Wild Zone Control

Arena of Valor Game: Basic Tips You Need To Know

In the left area of the Arena of Valor APK download game, you can find three monsters, one giant, and two small beasts. If you are successful in killing them, you will be able to earn experience, Gold, and regain a small amount of the lost HP.

The buff ugly creature on the left-hand side is called Sage Golem. It is recommended for Mages or for those who own skills with the high damage. Heroes who consume the Mana in the short time can use him and work together with teammates. Removing a Sage Golem will bring to you 2% Mana Regen per second as well as lessen the skill cooldown by 20% at least.

For the right-hand side of the Wild Zone, there are also three monsters comprising one buff and two small. You are allowed to collect the experience, gold and reinstate a small amount of HP.

The buff monster on the right side is Might Golem. Archers, Warriors, or Assassins can pick them to murder. From that, normal attacks will make the foe move slower and cause a sustained damage effect. Especially, some archers can knock down a less flexible Hero in the early stage if the victim does not act carefully. The Archer can bait the prey while he is slapping the rival with the movement speed reduction. It is completely savage for him.

In the earliest phase, you can get some troubles if you strive to put an end to the existence of the Garnak. Indeed, a single hero in Arena of Valor iOS game cannot assassinate him easily. Nevertheless, you can team up with allies to terminate him. You are advised to take out the Garnak after victory to prevent the other clan from stealing him. If they possess the Garnak before you, you can be defeated after that.

Once you finish off the Garnak, your team will receive more experience. When he is conquered, your group can continue to rush the Dark Slayer.

The Dark Slayer is considered as the most powerful monster inhabiting in the valley. It asks for you to play together with teammates. Do not forget to knock out the other squad before you tackle the Dark Slayer. From the success that you have, it will provide an extra 1% HP every second. Mana and Damage Output will increase by 30%. Heroes will glow, too.

Common Mistakes

Arena of Valor Game: Basic Tips You Need To Know

If you are damaged, the recovery skills will discontinue. Return to the safe location before you choose them! When you are a member of a team whilst you are picking these abilities and being an onslaught, you cannot get well.