Arena of Valor Free Download For PC

Arena of Valor can be downloaded and played on PC now! This is such a great chance for the players who love to enjoy their combat on a broad screen with exclusive and smooth controls instead of tapping on the screen on their mobile devices. AOV PC is free for download, but you should get your BlueStacks Android Emulator first if you want to install the game on your PC. Joining the fight on a large screen will bring you a much better gaming experience!

Arena of Valor PC

Arena of Valor Free For PCArena of Valor is a well-known 5v6 MOBA game developed by Tencent, and it’s been released for months as a mobile app game on Android and iOS devices. Now, it’s available on PC platform! You can download it for free, install it on your own PC then jump into the arena. Similar to the mobile version, AOV PC has no changes! Possibly speaking, the gameplay mechanics, along with the hero classes are still the same as the mobile version. The biggest difference you can realize is that you will enjoy the whole combat on a large screen!

Are you ready to be the best hero of the Kingdom?

The Best Hero of the Kingdom

The in-game arena is such an amazing yet challenging battlefield where only the best hero can stand. You will have to face off against so many wicked enemies with lots of creatures, and try to get rid of them using the abilities that your hero is armed with. Speaking of the hero, you have a chance to select your suitable one before entering the arena. There are lots of hero classes, such as Mage, Support, Warrior, Tank, Assassin, and Marksman. At the moment, AOV game features numerous heroes with discrepant characteristics. Each of them also is armed with many items that will boost their powers during the combat. Therefore, you should have a better grasp of their skills and items before choosing one for yourself. Occasionally, one hero will use four skills to inflict damage on their opponents. In addition, the items will surely bring them an edge over the rivals, helping your hero prolong his life in the combat.

Boosting the power of your hero through over time in the battle is a crucial stuff to do! No hero wants to be defeated by the enemies. Therefore, you must enhance the capabilities of your hero so that he/she can continue fighting. A hero won’t stay alone on the battlefield! They always have some minions that will help them defeat the enemies. Make sure that you will work with your allies in order to take down the enemy base. Your main goal in this AOV game is to become the best online hero in the whole fighting arena. Fight against all enemies with your excellent tactics, skills, and make your way through all dangers in the world of demons.

Lead your team to the final victory

Playing AOV game on PC with BlueStacks Android Emulator also allows you to play with your team! You can unite your comrades into one group, and make some great teamwork with them to kill the enemies. Viewing the whole map in its entirety to observe your team is very important, you should remember to do that, especially when you attempt to kill your rivals. Streaming the combat is such an easy thing to do now thanks to the Android Emulator. By doing so, you can totally demonstrate your true talents and utilize all of your skills to destroy the rivals. If you stream the battle, you also know when your team needs your assistance, especially when they are in trouble and can’t defeat the opponents. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the progress on the map, and try to check out things ahead of you. Throughout the combat, you are recommended to prepare some ambushes so as to surprise your rivals.

In-game features

  • Multi-platform: You can play the game on mobile platform and PC platform. For the mobile version, the game works on Android and iOS devices. Feel free to engage in the combat anytime you want.
  • Smooth controls: AOV game features an amazing control system! You can master them easily and interact with your character without any troubles.
  • Champion Roster: With a bunch of heroes from different classes, you can learn their abilities, items and select your favorite ones before you enter the combat.
  • Shop: Go purchase some awesome items to upgrade your hero’s stats and skills.
  • Ranked Play: It’s up to you to take part in casual unranked matches or competitive ranked games.

Download Arena of Valor PC

Arena of Valor App
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It’s easy to download Arena of Valor and install it on PC now! Just make sure you already download Bluestacks Android Emulator first.
Developer: Tencent Games

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