Arduin’s Ability Study and Stats in Arena of Valor

Ability Analysis

Arduin is such a great hero in Arena of Valor game. Thanks to his strong control abilities and sustained damage, he can totally get an edge over the opponents easily. Putting a pressure on the rival in the identical lane is just nothing to him. If someone gets hit by his strong giant axe, they must hurt a lot. So if you are confronting with Arduin, make sure you dodge his assault as much as you can if you don’t want to suffer too much damage.


If the HP of Arudin is under 505, he will start to use this passive skill for 8 seconds to cope with the enemies. While he is in the mode, 2% of his maximum HP will be regained when he get disabilities or perform common assaults to destroy the rivals.

The passive possesses 60-second cooldown time, the hero will utilize it once again right after the cooldown, especially when his HP is not above 50%. The enemies shouldn’t get away from him when he is low like that. He will make a good use of this skill and common attack to break through the enemy.


Arduin will employ his ax and wield it carefully to launch an energy arch that helps him inflict lots of physical damage on the rivals as well as decrease their movement speed for 2 seconds. When he succeeds in hitting a rival, he will surely break their axe into pieces, then inflict physical damage as well as stun them into the air for 1 second.

For the second stage of this skill, it will be completely determined by the successful attack of an enemy hero. If Rend is utilized first for attacking a minion or a monster, the game will be unfair.


Undying Protector

Arduin will call for a shield which contains 12% of his maximum HP, and it can be valid for 5 seconds. When he calls for this shield, he can start dealing magic damage to the rivals around in 8 seconds.

The subsequent common assaults of Arduin can take away an extra true damage, for every time, his common assaults will ruin an enemy. Cull’s cooldown time will be decreased by one second.

Undying Protector

Arduin needs to enhance his health for his shield to be maximized, but to do so, some items will be needed. Because the cooldown of Arduin is decreased by the second skill, he can take advantage of it to finish off all minions and monsters.


With this Ultimate skill, Arduin wields his ax forward to inflict lots of physical damage, then knock out the first rival that got hit for 1.5 seconds. After that, the throw towards the spot of the ex to give out more physical damage to the enemies around.


When he triggers off Cull, the control effects won’t prevent the hero from finishing his skill. Although lots of people utilize cull to assault, in fact, it can be used as a dash skill too. The speed of your hero will be much more enhanced if you use this, especially when he needs to make a fast escape. Just launch cull on the minions, monsters or walls to boost his speed.

Handy tips

It’s so important to learn some good tips if you play as Arduin:

Your hero is able to use the combo to disable the rival hero first, then. he will use the Ultimate. He starts to charge forward the opponent, knock him out, then, use his first skill to decrease the movement speed of the rivals. After that, the second assault will be enabled so he can stun the rival into the air easily.

At the conclusion of the match, you should use the second skill and the common assault to keep inflicting damage on the enemies. So here’s the combo order: ultimate -> first ability -> first ability -> second ability -> normal attack.

Handy tips

You are highly suggested to level up the second ability first. Although the initial skill gives you more awesome control effect, it still doesn’t have enough damage potential and its cooldown is very long.

With the second skill, Arduin possesses a shield and give out additional real damage. Surely your hero will have more advantages.

The ultimate of Arduin is considered as a dash ability, therefore, he doesn’t need flicker much. Throughout the combat, he needs to save up the ultimate, and use it to break down all rivals. You can use the Execute to take his good ability with specific control and damage.