All About Ability Study of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman already makes her appearance in Arena of Valor game! She is known as a proud and beautiful Amazonian who always keeps an unbreakable shield in her left hand which defends herself from a lot of damage dished out by the enemies. In addition, her right hand always holds a sword of Athena which assists her to release strong assault, which waves the lasso of truth for directing the opponent, with the bracelets of victory she crosses, she can totally even keep her allies safe from the danger too.  It’s time to find out her stats and a full analysis of her abilities.

Skill Study

Amazon Shield

Once 2 normal assaults are over, the next one will release her shield, which dishes out an extra real damage to the opponents getting in its pathway, as well as decreasing their movement speed by 1.5 in less than 1 second.

If an enemy is attacked by the shield, Wonder Woman will be able to regain her HP, the amount of regained HP will be tripled if a rival hero is attacked by the shield.

By treading heavily on the ground three times, Wonder Woman is able to spark off the passive which can be leverage for trading with the opponent when she lanes at the beginning of the game.

Sword and Shield

Sword and Shield

With the sword and shield, Wonder Woman uses them to push the opponents back easily. The shield helps her inflict physical damage and decrease the enemy speed by 2% for 3 seconds. But if this shield strikes a certain enemy hero, she will obtain 3% damage decrease for 3 sec.

Once using the shield to bash the rivals, she is able to trigger this skill off once again, and then uses the sword to inflict the physical damage with the similar amount. If the center of the blade strikes the opponents, the amount of damage they tolerate will be doubled.

With every single assault launched by the first skill of Wonder Woman, there is always a hidden dash skill. If it’s the accurate direction control, Wonder Woman will be able to move through walls easily thanks to the dash skill.

Make sure you try to keep an appropriate distance between the opponents when you employ this second assault. You can double the damage if you hold the opponent in the center.

Lasso of Truth

Lasso of Truth

The Lasso of Truth is released by Wonder Woman around an opponent. If the rival HP is much larger than a half of their highest HP, they will pull Wonder Woman towards them, which dishes out physical damage. But if the rival HP is under or equivalent to the half of their highest HP, they will be dragged towards the Wonder Woman, dishing out more physical damage. If a rival is hit by this skill, the cooldown will be decreased by 3 seconds, and all the targets that were stroke will be defeated for a short time.

If the second skill is launched in the brush, it will grow the accuracy a lot because if the opponents are stroke by the skill, they will be defeated for a short period of time. You are recommended to use this skill if you want to prevent Diaocahn and Azzen’Ka ultimate in the real combat.

Bracelets of Submission

Bracelets of Submission

After establishing the energy, Wonder Woman bangs her bracelets together, which releases a strong energy way dishing out massive physical damage to the opponents ahead of her, as well as knocking them out for 1 second.

The teammates at the back of Wonder Woman will get the shields which soak 2 damage in 3 seconds. In addition, her movement speed will be boosted by 80% for 1 second. As she tries to set up the energy she will get large amounts of damage decrease

Wonder Woman will be kept in the frontline thanks her allies at the back after receiving the shield. She must stay in this position prior to releasing her ultimate. You should unleash the ultimate quickly while establishing her energy. This moment can be leveraged to soak massive damage, which turns it into a smart action to draw the attention of the rival’s fire and finally unleash the ultimate.

Bracelets of Submission

The second skill of this hero has discrepant effects when they are used on opponents with different HP levels. You should aim at the rival hero that is running low on health if you unleash this second skill. Make sure you won’t hurry to use it because you probably will charge deeply, and sometimes may get destroyed by the opponents.

Your mobility can be grown thanks to the second skill too, even if you want to move through a wall, get away from the combat, or rush to join it. Feel free to unleash the second skill on the monsters or some minions along your path. It’s still fine even there is a wall obstructing your movements, and your Wonder Woman can still pass through it.

With a combo, Wonder Woman will be able to gain unceasing control of her rival easily. Here’s usual combo for her! You use the second skill first to drag a rival, or attack forwards the rival, then use the first skill to decrease their speed, after that, you inflict damage using the common attack.

If she is attacked by a rival, make sure you unleash the ultimate to soak damage, then knock that rival out. Keep combo sequence in your mind, which is the second skill -> the first skill -> ultimate.