A Full Guide to Alice about Her Item and Skill Builds


Information about Alice

Hero: Alice
Class: Support

Together with Peura, Alice is a cool Support in Arena of Valor game. Her appearance can leave a strong impression on you. Alice can be considered as an innocent and adorable girl, but when she engages in the combat, she will turn into a strong and aggressive person. Alice has a team that is always protected by her. She is able to blow up the opponent force effortlessly.

“Quick, come play with me!”

A full guide to Alice

A Full Guide to Alice about Her Item and Skill Builds

About the skill build

A Full Guide to Alice about Her Item and Skill Builds


Alice can be considered as a nice support due to her excellent skills, and Sunshine is one of them. With this ability, she is able to knock out the enemies more effortlessly. Alice usually uses Sunshine to stun other enemies or make a group combat.

A Full Guide to Alice about Her Item and Skill Builds


Friendship is the second skill that Alice has. When using this, her speed can be boosted throughout the combat. With this ability, Alice is able to increase her shields and movement speed for supporting the friendly units and give them a better defense while they are chasing enemies or getting away from them.

A Full Guide to Alice about Her Item and Skill Builds

Hissy Fit

This is considered as a great and ultimate supporting move. This ability will deal damage as well as decrease the speed. Also, the magic resistance of the enemies will be reduced too. Alice’s skill will give 1% spell damage to them in order to increase HP for each second.

A Full Guide to Alice about Her Item and Skill Builds


This is a nice passive skill that will help develop the movement speed by 20% for 1 second

Challenger Skill

Her first choice could be Heal! The abilities that she has will enhance the blood for the entire party. With more blood, they are able to dodge and stop the death, then make a way to exit the dangers. The ones that direct Alice should secure the rear flanks.

About the item build

A Full Guide to Alice about Her Item and Skill Builds

Alice is armed with several great items that can help her destroy enemies in the combat, such as Virtue’s Bracelet, Flashy Boots, Asterion’s Buckler, Hecate’s Diadem, Shield of the Lost, and Frosty’s Revenge.

Virtue’s Bracelet is considered as the initial piece since it consists of many attributes that Alice can use, especially whenever she makes a decision on engaging in a clan.

With the assistance of Flashy Boots, Alice can release her abilities to protect her allies throughout the fight.

Asterion’s Buckler is a nice support item because it will enhance the power for the entire team.

When using Hecate’s Diadem, Alice will regain a lot of amount of HP, as well as her damage, will be enhanced.

With the Shield of the Lost, Alice can totally get a noticeable increase in blood as well as physical defense. This item also helps her decrease the assault speed of the rivals that are trying to enter the rear.

Frosty’s Revenge is an item that gives more HP to prolong the life of your hero throughout the combat. With the passive speed reduction, the enemies will soak more damage in the scope of the ultimate move.

Effective tips

A Full Guide to Alice about Her Item and Skill Builds

In the game, Alice is able to stick with her allies throughout the combat, especially when they need her assistance. She can use her friendship ability to enhance her movement speed. Alice can cast the initial skill from a far distance, especially far away from the others’ place where they can’t pinpoint her or see her hiding in the grass. For that location, Alice is able to stun the enemies easily. Then she will gather more kills with her teammates.

When you decide to hide in the grass that is close to an opposite Sage Golem, you need to ensure that you won’t be spotted by the enemies. After that, you can use the Sunshine to take over the Sage Buff and hinder their progress.

Alice is not strong at the beginning stage of the game. She always sticks to her allies on a lane, and tries to increase her level with those allies. She decides to wait until the others can get rid of the Wilds of the monster. Friendship will help increase the speed for the entire group. It will be easy to keep an enemy because Sunshine has a long scope.

When the game reaches its late stages, you must stop the assaults from destroying your assassins. Feel free to engage in a clan of heroes to perform a more powerful charge as well as get rid of the assassins of the enemies more easily. When you battle as a group, using Hissy Fit skill will be very crucial.