A Full Ability Study and All Stats of Astrid in AOV

Ability Analysis

Astrid is an excellent warrior that you can choose to play in Arena of Valor game. She is half tanky and armed with some great abilities to fight against the enemies. She will become so unbeatable when using her Ultimate, especially when she is low. Let’s find out how she uses her abilities to deal with the opponents!

Bladed Guardian

When the HP of your hero is under 80%, Astrid will use this passive to obtain a shield which consumes HP for 4 seconds. The cooldown time of this shield effect is 24 seconds, if she absorbs damage once again, she will reactivate the shield.

Once the shield is activated, it will inflict magic damage on the enemies close by. The cooldown is decreased 3 seconds whenever your hero strikes a rival hero with a skill or common assault.

The shield’s cooldown can be decreased by the common assault of Astrid. Rather than making a fast escape, she will assault the rivals and activate her shield for more defense when she is low on HP.

Spin Slash

Spin Slash

With a strong sword, Astrid wields it around the battlefield to inflict physical damage on the surrounding rivals. If a rival hero is attacked, her assault speed will be boosted by 2% and an extra 5% for each other hero hit for 3 seconds.

The main point of this skill is to inflict damage! So you should take advantage of it to attack a bunch of targets to upgrade your attack speed to the max. You are suggested to level up your Spin Slash first.

Fearless Charge

Fearless Charge

Astrid starts to attack forward to inflict physical damage, and forces the enemies to move more slowly by 2% for 1.5 seconds, also, the target armor will be reduced by 30% for 4 seconds. For the subsequent common assault, it will be a critical hit, and the cooldown of this skill will be decreased by 1 second. You are not able to stack the effect.

With the second skill, Astrid is able to attack forward twice. The critical hit that follows this skill will allow her to attack forward for a short distance too. It will utilize the position of the target to move through some thin walls.

Dire Blow

Dire Blow

The strength of Astrid is increased, and she becomes invulnerable to the damage for 2 seconds. Right after 1.5 seconds, she will start inflicting physical damage by using her strong sword.

When she lost each 2% of her max HP, she will inflict 1% more damage. In addition, the enemies will have to move at a slower speed for 1.5 seconds.

If her HP is lower than the enemies’, this skill will knock them out for 1 second. You shouldn’t quickly launch Dire Blow since it becomes stronger with the stun effect when your hero is low on her HP.

You should release her ultimate when she is in the middle of the rival fire.

The normal combo of Astrid is to utilize the second skill to make a fast movement. The first skill should be used to inflict damage as well as make an attack speed boost, with the critical hit after that to make the rival targets move at a slower speed. Eventually, you should utilize the ultimate to finish the ability. It will be like this: 2 + 1 + A + 3

Combo of Astrid

At the beginning stage of the game, Astrid is able to pick jungling or the initial skill to finish off the hordes of enemies and then level up herself. Because of the unstable control ability, you should achieve Might Golem to get a higher chance.

When the game reaches its late stage, Astrid is able to start the assault thanks to her invincibility. You should stay focused on the rivals squishy targets first, then, once you’re done drawing the attention of the enemy’s firepower, just quickly release the Ultimate to dodge the damage.

You should regularly use the common assault because the cooldown of the shield and the second skill will be decreased. By doing so, your Astrid will be a dangerous killer.